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Bloomberg, Tea Party: Those Dirty Wall Street Hippies Should Keep On Truckin

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arroyowell, the attacks continue against the occupy wall street movement participants from the bought and paid for politicians and right wing owned corporate media.

the undisputable facts easily dismiss their lies and distortions about the thousands who are standing up for the millions. attacks on the protesters as dirty unclean hippies without jobs persist, even when a decorated iraq war veteran, a marine, is attacked to within an inch of his life by thugs in police uniforms and witnessed online by millions.

yet the attacks continue, even as thousands of senior citizens join in with their concerns about their homes being taken from them and their inability to afford medical treatment and medicines… having to choose between their needed medications or food. the list is now endless of those attacked and lumped together for the sake of convenience in defaming any who disagree with the teabags.

in an act of cowardice that only schoolyard bullies could appreciate, billionaire mayor bloomberg waited till the wee hours to send his riot-garbed police to beat up protesters in new york at zucotti park, the epicenter of the worldwide occupy wall street movement. so now we have entered the orwellian world of newspeak where, in bloomberg’s world, government-sponsored violence is committed against the unarmed in the name of public health and safety. hosni mubarak would have been proud of bloomberg….but in the end, look how it turned out for old hosni.

apparently the only people allowed to protest in teabagnation the land of stagnation are those that drive suv’s and can’t spell judging by their signage. apparently the wealthiest americans are the only ones worthy of their sympathy.

all that bloomberg has accomplished is to ensure that the eyes of the world will be on wall street to see what happens next…another unintended victory for the movement. and just when things were getting quiet. way to go, bloomy. mission accomplished.

it’s obvious from their relentless assaults that the teabaggers are terrified of this “dirty band of flea-invested hippies”. they should be, because if history shows us anything, it’s that these guys can win.

for those of us who actually studied american history, as opposed to those revisionists who’d like to re-write it, we can see several examples where we the people have actually taken our nation back from the greediest among us, the most powerful, the fewest with the most to lose.

one example that comes to mind is the vietnam war.

we the people were lied to then. we were told that the commies would infest the rest of southeast asia and would fall if we didn’t stop the red menace there. history has proven that to be a lie, and it only cost us 50,000 young american lives. the truth, then as now, was that war profiteers got rich while the best and brightest were sacrificed.

that is…until a band of dirty hippies got together and started questioning authority.

they started on college campuses, and then, as now, spread to the larger american consciousness. they took the abuse of the media, the government, the corporate thugs who infiltrated and sought to discredit their movement against an immoral war.

and still they grew in their numbers, in their conviction, in their will. every time they were attacked they grew larger and stronger. and ultimately, directly and indirectly, that handful of dirty hippies brought down two governments and ended a war. lyndon johnson did not seek re-election as a result of the anti-war movement, and richard nixon was forced to resign in disgrace after covering up his administration’s role in criminal acts against his anti-war opponent for president in 1972. and in their ultimate triumph, those dirty hippies ended the war before thousands more young americans died.

not only did the dirty hippies win the peace, they won the culture war. as a nice byproduct and worth mentioning here, they had much better music than their opponents. the beatles, the stones, csn&y, buffalo springfield owned the airwaves and tv sets of america. with the growth of the civil rights movement came, not coincidentally, the soulful power of motown. their impact on america continues to this day, and in the best ways conceivable.

but let’s go farther back into our history, way back, to the american revolution….more specifically, valley forge.

in every american history book i’ve read, in every image of that winter’s struggle against imperial power, the real patriots and their supporters who braved the roughest elements to stand up and fight for what they believed in… had a certain look about them that resonates and mirrors images we’ve all seen lately.

that image isn’t one of overstuffed couch potatoes in fake straw hats festooned with flags made in china yelling down the free speech of others while celebrating their own intolerance, departing the well-financed corporate-sponsored rally in their suv’s.

it’s an image of people committed to a cause, not caring about what others thought of them, because they knew what they were fighting for. it was an image of perseverance against great power, and a belief in something bigger than themselves.

it was an image like this:


why, they appear to be a bunch of unhygienic dirty looking hippies who oughtta be out looking for a job with the great british east indian tea company instead of challenging authority and greed, right, teabaggers? no. wrong. the real patriots look a lot more like the occupy wall streeters, and the teabaggers more like the hessians.

winter is beginning to set in, and many on the right hope that cold inclement weather will eventually shut down the occupy wall street encampments in conjunction with the ongoing police abuse evident at so many sites. and that may happen, but i think maybe only up to a point.

i think that, as other news from other places takes center stage, the movement may experience dips in energy and participation, but it won’t disappear. and then, as the spring season unfolds after the long cold winter, as the national elections take center stage, we’ll all begin to find out what has been accomplished by the occupy wall street movement and the teabaggers, and what both movements’ real impact will be on our future. as for me, i’m hoping the dirty hippies keep on truckin’. and whatever that outcome, it will be our job to live with our choices and with what’s left.

-sid arroyo

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Sidney Arroyo

Sidney Arroyo is a progressive political activist and consultant who has worked on numerous campaigns in the New Orleans area.

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