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The Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street: Two Different Views of America’s Future

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america-unbeautifulFor weeks the Occupy Wall Street crowd has taken over public and private parks and other venues to protest and camp out, party, and disrupt businesses and the daily activities of everyday citizens.  Finally, local governments are standing up to the protesters and closing them down.  It’s about time.  Free speech is important in America, but these protests are not about free speech.  They are about tearing down the American way of life and the United States of America, the greatest nation in the history of man. 

 More than two years ago the Tea Party swept across America.  Americans frustrated with government, especially Washington, D.C., stood up and voiced those frustrations.  They attended rallies, wrote letters, and most importantly voted in the November 2010, elections.  Their participation had a major impact.  The results were sweeping victories for Republicans who took control of the U.S. House of Representatives and nearly took control of the U.S. Senate.  A message was sent loud and clear that voters were restless and unhappy with their government.

Liberals and progressives were stunned by the election results.  They had dismissed the importance of the Tea Party movement.  They called it all sorts of names.  They attempted to tear down the movement but it was to no avail.  They tried to kill the message and the messenger.  It did not work.  The American people were on board, and the election results were far reaching.

Order and discipline were the rule for the Tea Party rallies.  No camping out in public parks; no illegal drugs or other questionable activities.  Tea Partiers went home at night to their families and to work the next day and to the voting booth on Election Day.

This is in sharp contrast to the “Occupy” movement which is supported heavily by House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and other left wing liberals who despise the Tea Party and the American way of life and who refuse to denounce the movement.  Their rallies are reminiscent of the riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago which lead to the defeat of the Democratic Party.  It took the Watergate scandal and eight years for Democrats to recover and recapture the White House, a recovery that lasted only four years. 

The contrast between the Occupiers and the Tea Party are stark.  The Tea Party has an agenda for reform.  It wants a fair tax code, a strong economy, a balanced federal budget, a strong national defense, an end to illegal immigration, and a comprehensive review of the U.S. foreign aid program to make sure our tax dollars are spent wisely and that we are appreciated by the recipients of American generosity.  The Tea Party believes in hard work and personal responsibility for themselves, their neighbors, and their government.

The Occupy Movement has no clear message except to tear down America. Their sit-ins and protests have disrupted small businesses costing them customers and profits which support their employees and their families.  They want the rich to “pay their fair share of taxes.”  How nice.  The wealthiest 1% of income earners in America now pay 38% of all income taxes.  The bottom 50% of income earners pays only 3% of all income taxes.  And among corporate taxpayers the average rate paid is approximately 27%.  Given these facts one must ask how much more should businesses and the top 1% pay to make certain they are paying their “fair” share.  It seems these folks are paying their fair share now and to make them pay more will only increase the tax burden more heavily onto those who are already paying the bulk of the taxes. 

Of course, raising taxes fits neatly into the plan for the Occupiers since their ultimate agenda is a redistribution of wealth in America.  Just look at the European Union to see the success of wealth redistribution.  It has been a failure.  Greece is bankrupt and facing massive budget cuts and a bailout to survive.  Italy is next.  Portugal and Spain are soon to follow.  National governments being all things to all people and providing for everyone’s needs is a failure.  That road is destroying Europe’s economy and has placed the United States on the same path of economic collapse.

The American people need to take names.  The President and Congress need to wake up and realize that the path that has been charted for the future of our economy is a path of destruction.  Barack Obama promised “Change We Can Believe In!”  He gave it to us, and Democrats in Washington blindly followed him.  Today our economy is in shambles.  Republicans have the opportunity to put America back on course, but the American people must stand up and not fall victim to scare tactics and the politics of destruction fostered by the Obama re-election campaign.  Another four years of this president and his policies, and it is doubtful that we will ever turn our ship around.

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