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Super committee blame poll-- Republicans, Democrats or Obama?

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GUN2Who SHOT the chance for Debt reduction?

Who is most reponsible for shooting the super committee's efforts to keep the US on good footing?

Who killed the Super Committee or, better yet, who is to be blamed for the current US debt crises?

 Now that the get-ridda-US-debt super committee of 12  is basically on all fours, President Obama is blaming the Republicans, the Republicans are blasting the Democrats, Demos are returning the fire onto the GOP.  The media is castigating the extremes, as if the Tea Party and the Occupied Wall Street bunch have occupied the US Capitol bringing the House (and Senate, of course) down in the carnage.

So, whom do you blame the most of shooting the chance for DEBT REDUCTION or, let's say, the failure of the Super-Committee?

Take your best shot and VOTE.

Also, tell us below how you feel this country should get passed this  new US economic, social and crises?

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