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Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints approach two-minute warning in contract skirmish

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tom benson saintsThe clock is ticking for Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints as both and the fans are now approaching the two-minute warning.

The Saints must sign Drew Brees before July 16 at 4:00 E.T. 

Very few people expect Brees and the Saints to fall out of a contract this year.  Should that day past and no deal, the Saints could be without its face, voice and arm of the team should Brees opt out for the season.  Brees, in turn, if the seemingly impossible would occur, could lose millions in endorsements and the future opportunities to hit the national media circuits. 

Alternatively, the quarterback could accept the tag deal for a “paltry” $16.371 million and be disgruntled.  That type of attitude which could be overt or subliminal could carry over to the rest of the players who are trying to heal their bountygate wounds and face angry crowds outside of its home court being led with part-time coaches and general managers, in the first place.

If one trusts conventional wisdom, sometime before the drop-dead date and time, Brees will be happily sporting a Saints cap along with owner Tom Benson and both will be all smiles as if they were best of pals.  

Both Brees and Benson have said over the past months that a contract will be done.  

Let’s see if they are willing to put their money where their mouths are.

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