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Jindal, Louisiana Education Union Leader Literally Make Poor Grades In Reform Talk

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screamIs the verbal commotion over Louisiana education figuratively getting poor marks?
Via his email “Team Jindal” blast, Governor Bobby Jindal today promoted his recent television appearance on Fox News when he had blasted a union executive comments as being "offensive".

The email blast, labeled “it’s offensive”, said:Gov. Jindal: "It's offensive to me that these unions don't get it."

Fox News

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Governor Bobby Jindal: "What is so offensive to me is one of these union officials, the executive director of our teachers union came out a week ago today and said that poor parents have 'no clue' - I'm literally quoting - poor parents have 'no clue' when it comes to making decisions for their kids - educational decisions for their kids. That is incredibly offensive… This is the problem with the union attitude; they think they know better than parents what's right for these parents' children… It's offensive to me that these unions don't get it. It's about our children."

In the Fox interview, Jindal repeatedly said that the union official said that poor parents have ‘no clue’ and in fact, on one occasion, Jindal said “I’m literally quoting-poor parents have ‘no clue” when it comes to making decisions for their kids educational decisions for their kids” (bold and italics emphasis by Bayoubuzz)

Jindal has been criticizing a statement by Louisiana Association of Educators Executive Director Michael Walker Jones which was reported as:

"If I'm a parent in poverty I have no clue because I'm trying to struggle and live day to day," Jones said.

"The idea of parents making decisions simply based on choice is the abandonment of public schools," Jones said. He later added, "That's not education reform, that's just privatization." (bold emphasis by

Aside from the discussion over the legitimate need to reform education in Louisiana whether it be by moving towards a voucher system (which Jindal favors), or whether it is by devoting more resources to public schools, it appears that the actual words being used by these antagonists are said for political purposes rather than for the better elucidation of the real issues.

Which is a shame as there is a real need to have an honest discussion over our kids' present and future literacy and their abilities to cope in this highly-competitive world in which we live.

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