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Jindal's Education Reform Is Louisiana Politics As Usual

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louisiana-politics Jindal's privatization push has extended to nearly every element of state government. Anything public is a ripe target for Jindali and his henchmen to turn over to his cronies to make a buck or three. That's how the game works:

Win election by promoting wedge issues and moral superiority
Wrap every proposal around plans to divest the state of public resources, contracting away or outright selling public property to special contractors and friends
Get contributions from said special contractors and friends to build huge warchest and win re-election easily.

And that's a wrap. Some folks aren't ready to let this three-step work so easily:

One of the most vocal critics of Gov. Bobby Jindal's education proposals, the Louisiana Association of Educators, offered its suggestions Friday on how to improve teacher quality and boost performance at failing schools, saying Jindal's ideas are flawed and demoralizing to teachers.

The LAE offered a counter-proposal that would require $200 million or more in new funding for public schools and preschool programs, give a $500 tax credit to teachers for school supplies and strip standardized testing as the main criteria for evaluating teacher performance.

Read the whole thing, here.
by Bucktown Pirate, published on the DailyKingfish


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