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Komen Finds Cure For Its Metastasizing Cancer After Its Planned Parenthood Dump

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netflixtoday the komen for the cure foundation found a cure for its ethical, moral and public relations hemorrhaging, restoring planned parenthood funds and apologizing to the american public.

in a dramatic victory for planned parenthood and a stunningly public defeat for the forces of evangelical teabaggery, komen said in a statement, "we want to apologize to the american public for recent decisions that cast doubt upon our commitment to our mission of saving women's lives."

 the evangelical zealot/teabag element had badly miscalculated in having two of their henchmen try to derail the funding. failed teabag candidate and current komen staffer karen handel and her partner in depriving women healthcare, evangelical tool congressman cliffy stearns, both have done more than self-inflict nasty wounds on the komen foundation and themselves.

they’ve actually made planned parenthood bigger and stronger than ever. they made martyrs of an organization that had been relatively quiet on the political front in recent times, and in some cases was actually on the defensive. but now, in a span of three days, the martyrs have arisen and teabag nation and komen are wiping rotten eggs from their shocked faces.

right about now i can hear teabag pundits off-camera, whispering to each other the timeless words of the japanese admiral yamamoto after the sneak attack on pearl harbor: “i fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant.” but instead of world war two, this triumph of sanity over teabaggery was more like the iraq 100-hours war, breathtaking in its speed, power and totality.

more than getting the funds restored, planned parenthood is stronger and flusher than ever, with over a million dollars in new contributions raised in the past three days alone in response to the teabag sneak attack. teabag nation is now in full disarray and retreat on this front.

for those who would attempt to make the case that “politics was involved in the reversal/retreat by komen, isn’t this just the same thing?” i have this for you:

clearly, the teabaggers started it, they just don’t like the way they finished it. when one screws with women's lives by denying breast cancer funds based on political motives instead of health related ones, then they need to be resisted. to put it even less diplomatically, if the fight's in the gutter, then i guess the gutter's where we need to fight. clear enough? 

you don't like planned parenthood's choice issues? then by all means let's stop their breast cancer funding! "let's let people die to prove we're pro-life." i find that weakass stuff pathetic.

as for me, i had no choice but to join with millions in fighting this sleazy politically motivated ploy that would have cost lives of underserved women with breast cancer, with all the tools i had at my disposal. and i look at the humiliation of the evangelical teabag movement as, simply, lagniappe.

 so now what’s left for komen is to rehabilitate its damaged reputation. they’ve taken the first step in that direction today.

-sid arroyo

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Sidney Arroyo

Sidney Arroyo is a progressive political activist and consultant who has worked on numerous campaigns in the New Orleans area.

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