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The Indicted New Orleans Mayor Nagin, I remember

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neworleansrebuildportalThe expected occurred.  Ex-New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin has been indicted by a federal grand jury.



So much for trust in local government.

The two heads of the largest parishes in Louisiana have gotten into serious legal trouble in recent years, resulting in a plea by Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard and now, Nagin.

To some who have only seen these men on television, they are crooks and should be hung by their toes.

To others, who have worked with either of the two men, there is a different side of the them, there is a different story.

Broussard has admitted his guilt and this very ebullient  yet man of serious intellect and abilities will now pay the piper. 

Nagin, however wants his day in court and will fight for his innocence.

Constitutionally, despite what appears to be heavy odds against the New Orleans mayor, the presumption of innocence is in his favor.

In reality, however, it is not.

News reports suggest facts that make it difficult to believe that Nagin will be found free of guilt.  His former cronies, in quality and in solid numbers, are now against him and will testify so.

Nagin has been a man full of dichotomies.  He was the “great white hope” who became the “chocolate city mayor”.  He was the “cable man” whose technology department engaged in high-speed theft.

Yes, the man has been full of inconsistencies.   

After he campaigned as “our Mayor”, the day after the 2006 election, I asked him what would he do since some very high-profiled pillars of the New Orleaneans and Mitch Landrieu supporters told me that they were threatening to leave town, Nagin flippantly replied that he would send them a post card.

Then, there was the time post-Katrina, when he met with the media to criticized us for being overly negative about the city’s rebuild.  Moments after he railed against us, he then called the New Orleans business people “a Superdome full of prostitutes” and a far cry from those of Atlanta.

Nagin was once the pride of the New Orleans community.  He was the darling of the law enforcement agencies at the time they were pursuing Morial administration officials.  At a Chamber luncheon shortly after he was elected to the first term, he joked about how his predecessor (Morial) had emblazoned his name on the sides of public garbage dispensers, implying the “can” is where the former Mayor belonged.

Now, the word “trash” probably is the best way to describe his own administration. In fact, it is clear that they prostituted themselves at the very time that this city was on the brink, trying to recover from the worse natural disaster in U.S. history.  Perhaps, it is time that we send the former mayor our own postcard. Signed, good riddance.

Indicted Mayor C. Ray Nagin was most corrupt New Orleans mayor

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