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Mitt’s Masquerade rides At CPAC as Romney scorched-earth parade continues

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rino2Today in Washington D.C. the three leading GOP candidates for President are addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). For decades, CPAC has been the premier gathering of conservative activists in the country.

At the end of this year’s conference, attendees will vote in the annual presidential straw poll. For the past several years, Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) has won the poll; however, there is a real possibility that Rick Santorum will be the winner this year.

 Santorum is fresh from a three state sweep by winning in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota on Tuesday. He easily defeated Romney in all three states and is now established as the leading conservative alternative to the moderate from Massachusetts.

RINO (Republican in name only) Mitt Romney is trying to forge better ties with the conservatives at CPAC. Last night, he met with 30 leading conservatives, trying to ease their concerns. For good reasons, the vast majority of conservatives have been very hesitant to support Romney.

He is the father of socialized medicine and the individual mandate in this country with his disastrous healthcare plan in Massachusetts. In fact, some of his advisors helped President Obama craft a national version of the same plan.

Romney appointed liberals, supported activist judges, raised taxes, denounced Ronald Reagan, gave lip service to the global warming hysteria and was a strong supporter of gay marriage and abortion rights before he found religion.

Despite his pandering to the liberals in Massachusetts, Romney was not popular at the end of his term, so he declined to run for re-election.

Thus, he started on a six year quest to win the White House.

After losing in 2008 to John McCain, he entered the 2012 race with a new aggressive strategy. In fact, his tactics have been brutal, demonizing his opponents, especially with negative advertisements. The attacks have been effective in neutralizing Gingrich. Now, with Santorum on the upswing, Romney will focus his fire on the former Pennsylvania Senator.

Santorum can expect an avalanche of negative ads in the coming weeks. Romney overwhelmed Gingrich in Florida by outspending him 5-1. He will do the same thing to Santorum and hope for the same result.

Hopefully, voters in the remaining 42 states will reject Romney’s scorched earth tactics.

Romney’s negative advertisements focus exclusively on destroying his opponents. In fact, he has almost nothing positive to say about his own record, so he specializing in throwing mud at fellow candidates. Romney can’t talk about his great conservative record in Massachusetts because it is non-existent.

Lately, Romney has been claiming that his major opponents, Gingrich and Santorum, are nothing but insiders who supported earmarks for their states. Yet, the Governor supported the biggest bailout in history, TARP. He is also on record supporting the auto industry bailout. On almost every important issue, Romney is on the wrong side.

After his win in Florida, Romney admitted that he does not care about the “very poor” because they will have the government safety net. This type of class warfare rhetoric is indicative of Democratic politicians not conservatives.  

All Republicans should care about the poor and want those in poverty to succeed and realize the American dream. We should want these struggling folks to find a job and move up the economic ladder to prosperity. Conservatism preaches individual responsibility and opportunity, not government programs.

Romney does not know the language of conservatism because he is not a conservative.

What is happening today at CPAC is part of his well-funded masquerade show.

The real conservatives in the GOP need to wake-up and break away from the shackles the moderate insiders have placed on them.

If nominated, Romney will follow in the footsteps of other moderate GOP nominees such as Gerald Ford, George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole and John McCain. In other words, he will lose.

Romney is trying to convince the party that his past statements and record are unimportant. While he has hired a new debate coach and some conservative consultants, he has not changed his political ideology. Sadly, he does not possess true conservative principles.  

In essence, Mitt Romney is faking it, claiming to be a conservative, yet acting more like a Massachusetts moderate. Romney’s so-called conservatism is one of convenience, not conviction.

No elaborate, expensive mask can hide what RINO Mitt Romney truly believes.  

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