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Pinsonat: Unsweet Charity Hospital, The Who Cares Louisiana GOP Primary

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la-president-politicsSweet Charity Hospital going sour?  The Louisiana GOP Presidential primary irrelvant?

In Part 3 of an ongoing series of "Bernie Burns" with political analyst and Pollster for the Southern Media & Opinion Research, Bernie Pinsonat, does not   hold any matches as he torches the current Charity Hospital System concept and the meaning of the upcoming Louisiana GOP Presidential primary:

he Charity Hospital system recently was in the news – DHH Secretary sent out a scathing letter on the state of Charity Hospital System over spending budget. Charity Hospitals have always been untouchable when it comes to the state budget – is that about to change?

Governor Jindal’s best cabinet secretary is without question Bruce Greenstein. In a letter to the Mayor of New Orleans, DHH Secretary Bruce Greenstein tells Mayor Landrieu, enough is enough – he was not going to tolerate the common practice of over spending that has been going on for too long by the Charity Hospital System. Good for Governor Jindal and Secretary Greenstein. Finally someone had the guts to stop this outdated inefficient hospital system from over spending its budget. Its chief of operations is Fred Cerise (a doctor) and this guy is the poster child on why hospitals quit letting doctors manage hospitals 40 years ago. The LSU Board of Supervisors should beg Bruce Greenstein to put the charity system back in DHH where it belongs. As of today, at least eighty plus percent of all Medicaid Patients (the poorest of the poor) are treated in your local community hospital – not a charity hospital! Does anyone see a trend here?? HELLO LSU BOARD! This charity system is not a plus for LSU – never was and never will be! The new push in Louisiana is to make the main campus of LSU the priority and it should be! The main campus is the last priority – its dollars (paid for tuition from parents) are funding the overspending at charity, Pennington and anything else that runs inefficiently. UNO got out of the LSU system and now LSU Shreveport wants out – why wouldn’t they. It sure seems to me and them – educating kids is way down the list of spending priorities by the so called LSU System. Who is in charge of the LSU System? It’s system president Lombardi – we are paying this guy half a million a year for what! Governor Jindal and Secretary Greenstein said no more overspending – Gee I thought the LSU Board and Lombardi was suppose to keep tabs on over- spending their budget. OH, No PROBLEM - they were going to take it away from main campus as usual. News flash to Legislature- the charity is no longer the only safety net for the poor! Your community hospital back home is!

In roughly one month from now, Louisiana will be hosting the Presidential election primary.   Right now, Rick Santorum is in a virtual tie with Mitt Romney after winning the trifecta last week in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota.  Arizona and Michigan are next followed by Super Tuesday.  How important is the republican presidential primary to the voters in this state?    While we are weeks away from the Louisiana vote, whom do you think might win?

In the last twenty years or so the presidential primary in Louisiana has been a non-event. The republican primary in Louisiana reminds me of a group of fat cats meeting to decide who gets what from the pot. I for one do not care when the republican primary is being held. I put any primary election held in Louisiana in the last 20 year or so in the WHO CARES category. Ninety nine point nine percent of Louisiana voters cannot tell me the date this election is being held. I have no idea who will win the republican primary. The so called pure conservatives seem to be for anybody but Romney. They were for Rick Perry – they soon found out Perry could not walk and chew gum at the same time – then old Newt is their next choice – scumbag comes to my mind and apparently lots of others as he falls by the way side – now they are rallying around Rick Santorum. I have always been pro jobs and pro business rather than political party oriented. I am like the guys in the business community who see his ties to organized labor as very troublesome to say the least. But this crowd liked Perry and Newt - what do they know?

pinsonatBernie Pinsonat

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