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Pinsonat: The Jindal glow, Louisiana legislature, the Teepell show

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Is Louisiana Gov. Jindal's new economy working?

If so, will there be a carryover to the upcoming legislative session favoring the governor.'s agenda?

Is Jindal's former Chief of Staff, Timmy Teepel, sending signals to fellow Republicans as to who might run for U.S. Senate against current Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu.

These are the questions that Bayoubuzz asked pollster and political analyst Bernie Pinsonat in the latest edition of "Bernie Burns":

Gov. Jindal has been traveling around the state making numerous economic development announcements. On Friday, he and other New Orleans elected officials announced General Electric opening up a corporate office and a technology center. On Wednesday, he made an announcement regarding highways. Do the voters believe that there has been an improvement with jobs and with the Louisiana economy? Will Gov. Jindal be able to benefit during the upcoming legislative session from these frequent announcements?

 Give Governor Bobby Jindal an A plus for his efforts to attract new businesses to Louisiana. I think the people of Louisiana recognize and are grateful for the effort Governor Jindal is putting forth to attract new businesses. As far as the Louisiana legislature, I think the majority are already on board to help him pass his agenda. The governor does not have a veto proof house or senate – but he is close enough to pass popular legislation. These new job announcements will only reinforce legislator’s willingness to vote for his agenda. Will every legislator follow Governor Jindal on anything and everything he proposes? Legislators have their agendas back home and that is priority number one. If Governor Jindal proposes legislation that is unpopular back home, they will not follow him. He is not running for reelection, they are.

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Timmy Teepell, Gov. Jindal's former Chief of Staff and primary political advisor will be helping Congressman Bill Cassidy in his reelection campaign this year. There has also been much discussion regarding the congressmen running for US 2014 against Mary Landrieu. However, for years, there has been much speculation that Gov. Jindal would take on Sen. Landrieu and he would certainly want the assistance of Teepell. What is going on?

Smart move by Congressman Bill Cassidy, this signals he intends to run against Mary Landrieu. Signing up Timmy Teepell to run his campaign (for congress this year) means for now Governor Jindal seems to have no interest in returning to Washington D. C. for anything but a presidential run. If Barack Obama is not reelected – what would Governor Jindal then do? It is also a smart move by Congressman Cassidy because Timmy has enough influence to steer the financial and endorsement support from the State Republican Party to Congressman Cassidy. It is a lot easier to run for the US Senate with little opposition from within your party’s ranks. Governor Jindal will still be our Governor and that is another plus for the Congressman. After voting with President Barack Obama on health care reform, Senator Landrieu invited this next to impossible reelection scenario to play out in 2014. If President Barack Obama is reelected – then you can stick a fork in Landrieu’s chance to be reelected. The president will not be running, chances are pretty good he will still be unpopular. So who is going to get her base out to vote, giving her a fighting chance? The Timmy I know is sharping the fork as I write this!

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