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Melancon, Vitter Still Launching Bombs In Louisiana US Senate Race, Despite Rivals

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It issteve_sabludowsky01 tough to tell which of the two major Louisiana US Senate candidates is in a free-fall or seeing “bleak” news for his respective campaign.


Now that qualifying for office is a done deal after  last Friday, the two candidates who have the best chance of being our next US Senator are claiming to have that “Big Mo”.


With only roughly six weeks away from the Republican primary, and then-- a likely November showdown with probably Charlie Melancon and other independent candidates general election, the two campaign team machines of Vitter and Melancon are dreaming.


That is, dreaming that the voting public will join their campaigns by attending rallies, by signing up to help, and by sending in money and of course, by voting for their candidate.


That being the case, David Vitter, who suddenly drew a swell of competition including one former Louisiana Supreme Court Justice has not budged from his campaign game plan.   Instead of responding to his new republican competitor, former  Justice D. Traylor’s poking, Vitter and his allies continue to blast Melancon just as Melancon ET Al is  trying soften the Vitter vote.


For instance, this afternoon, Vitter's ally, the Louisiana Republican party sent out an email hitting Melancon on the issue of Road Home money.

The  email in part, said, “Earlier this month Charlie Melancon voted with Nancy Pelosi and the majority of Democrat members of Congress to strip $400 million in Road Home recovery dollars from the people of Louisiana.  Louisiana had planned on using these funds to assist victims of contractor fraud or malfeasance, combat blight, aid applicants that have yet to rebuild, and assist homeowners who are having problems with contaminated Chinese drywall.”


Also, allies of Vitter are claiming that Melancon is flailing at the polls and at the bank.   A recent article is circulating by Vitter's proponents from the New York Times by which says, "The news was so bleak for the Democratic Senate candidate in Louisiana, Representative Charlie Melancon, that his campaign waited until Thursday night to report that he raised $415,000, which is less than some aggressive House candidates raise. He ended July with $2.3 million in the bank, but not thanks to many fresh contributions.”


Vitter and his allies have not publically denounced his fellow party or independent opponents although he must beat them to get to the winner takes all competition in November on election  day.

Today, the Melancon camp is taking a similar approach although its main contest will likely be in November with that general  election.   Of course, Melancon must prove his worth by beating a democrat opponent in the  primary.

Melancon is pointing to recent stories that suggest Vitter is weakened by the qualifying.  His campaign manager, Bradley Beychok, today, sent out an email statement, saying “David Vitter is in a free-fall and the political pros in Washington are noticing.  This week, the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, one of the most respected election handicappers in the country, upgraded Charlie's candidacy and moved our race into a more competitive category.

Why?  For weeks, Vitter has dodged questions from Louisianians and the media about why he kept a violent domestic abuser on staff and put him in charge of women's issues. Sensing Vitter's growing vulnerability, disgruntled Louisiana Republicans found a serious primary challenger for Vitter: former Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Chet Traylor.”


And, both Thursday and then today, the Melancon camp sent out its own email blast which is stating that the republican US Senator is in a “free-fall”.    Specifically, in part, the Melancon email says, In just the past week, this entire race has changed -- David Vitter is in free-fall and the political pros in Washington are noticing.

More evidence came in today: this morning, the Cook Political Report -- one of the most respected race predictors in the country -- downgraded David Vitter and moved our race into the competitive category.

We just released a new web video taking stock of Vitter's self-inflicted wounds -- click here to watch it now!"


Melancon also has not publically attacked any of the other candidates in the race.


So, for now, both candidates claim their counterpart is in a free fall and have made official decisions that rattles the  skeletons of the other's closet.


Although both  must win the preliminaries events before reaching the November finals, neither will concede that after a week of an official campaign that his chance of prevailing is even close to “bleak”.

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