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Could Randy Moss Replace Marques Colston For New Orleans Saints?

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colstonSo much of the New Orleans Saints sports news to date is focused upon what happens to certain Saints players if Drew Brees and the team pursue certain contractual paths.

One scenario, of course, targets Marques Colston, the Saints most consistent receiver during the Peyton-Brees days.

The notion that Colston would be playing for another team other than the Saints is almost as nasty a taste in the mouth as it would be if Brees took snaps for the Atlanta Falcons.  Most Saints fans remember the days when Bobby Hebert donned the dirty helmet of the Atlanta Falcons.

Players like Colston do not come into the league every day, even if they are high-draft picks which Colston was not.   Colston was essentially a no-namer was Hofstra.  He is still very young at 28—playing now for 6 years.   He has 449 receptions in his career so far, going for 6,230 yards.  Moreso, quite a number of them came on critical third or fourth down plays allowing Drew Brees to continue drives for a score.

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Now, should he pack up and leave, who might replace him?

What about Randy Moss?

Yes, the bad-boy Randy Moss who has retired and who now wants to have another crack at NFL glory, despite his age and his attitude.

Almost a believe-it-or-not scenario, isn’t it?

Moss for Colston.

Well, it will be a long spring and summer yet to go which much speculation before us yet to be unveiled.

Just remember, the NFL is strange than fiction.  Then, some cracks at fiction is simply too ficticious.

Randy Moss NFL Comeback Story Building Like Rolling Stone

by Bayoubuzz Staff

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