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Corrupt media ignores Obama’s birth certificate fraud scandal

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March 2, 2012…Despite a mountain of evidence and new allegations of fraud, the national news media refuses to cover the Obama birth certificate scandal.  

On Thursday, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona released the findings of his “Cold Case Posse,” which investigated the authenticity of the President’s birth certificate.   

 The Arpaio team is an impressive group of investigators with many years of experience. It includes lawyers and respected law enforcement personnel. They discovered that the document is likely fraudulent and a massive deception has been perpetrated on the American people.  

Such a bombshell should have led the national news coverage throughout the country. Instead, it was completely ignored by a corrupt network of media elites who are decidedly liberal and wholeheartedly support Obama’s re-election.  

The vast majority of the American people have been denied the truth by a media who want to shield Obama.  

It is a sickening case of media bias and another reason why so many Americans are seeking their news from alternative sources such as the Internet.  

Every day, it becomes clearer that our national news media are liberal sycophants who want to maintain good relations with the Obama White House. If these allegations had been made about a Republican President there would have been a media firestorm greater than Watergate and Iran/Contra combined.  

Ever since Barack Obama appeared on the political scene, the mainstream news media have been willing accomplices in promoting his agenda and providing positive news coverage.  

From the beginning, the media should have questioned Obama about his affiliation with radicals like Bill Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. They should have demanded that he provide more details on his personal, educational, and political history. Instead, he was allowed to run for President in 2008 as a “mystery man” or the current equivalent of the Manchurian candidate.  

Not surprisingly, the media acted like partisan Democrats in the news conference after Arpaio’s team announced their findings. Instead of asking questions about the Obama documents, the reporters were more interested in asking Sheriff Arpaio about his political affiliation, his relationship with the Tea Party and his motives for the investigation. What the media conveniently overlooked was the expert testimony and the evidence presented by Arpaio’s group of investigators. Potentially, a major crime has been committed at the highest levels of our government and the media attacked the messengers.  

The “Cold Case Posse” raised questions about the register and date stamps on the Obama documents. One person of interest in the alleged forgery has been identified. If the media had acted like investigative journalists instead of Obama loving zombies, they would have asked about this person of interest. In contrast, Arpaio was on the receiving end of attacks about his strict policies on illegal immigration policies and other irrelevant issues.  

He also faced questions about his jurisdiction in investigating the President; however, he acted only after local constituents presented him with petitions raising doubts about the President’s qualifications for the Arizona presidential ballot.  250 members of the Surprise Tea Party delivered the petitions to Arpaio in August of 2011.  

The “Cold Case” posse took their responsibilities seriously and spent months on the investigation. They reviewed a massive amount of documentation while interviewing dozens of witnesses from around the world.  

The top investigator on the team, Mike Zullo, alleged potential fraud in the Hawaii Department of Health. According to Zullo, “various elected Hawaiian public officials may have intentionally obscured 1961 birth records and procedures” to avoid a true examination of the Obama documents.  

These are shocking allegations which deserve a full media examination. Sadly, the national news media is more interested in attacking conservatives than in any real quest for the truth. --

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