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New Orleans Saints’s Mutiny Rule On the Bounty

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saints-runThe dirty Saints?

Those are the words we heard this season after various teams accused the team of different dirty plays.

 However, if the allegations are true that the New Orleans Saints created a Bounty fund to make certain defensive plays including injuring others, then dirty doesn’t describe this team.  Pathetic comes to my mind.

According to news reports, the Saints defense starting in 2009 put up bounty money for defensive players to make plays such as interceptions and fumbles.  I, personally have no problems with incentives since we try to incentivize as much as we can to promote positive results.

But, to put up money if a Saint defender knocked out or injured an opponent would be insulting to all of the Saint fans who put up their money to see a good team win fairly and honestly.

Perhaps heads should roll for those involved, with or with bounty. 

steve_sabludowsky01by Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of

Statement by Tom Benson, owner of the New Orleans Saints

For Immediate Release: March 2, 2012 

"New Orleans – I have been made aware of the NFL’s findings relative to the “Bounty Rule” and how it relates to our club. I have offered and the NFL has received our full cooperation in their investigation. While the findings may be troubling, we look forward to putting this behind us and winning more championships in the future for our fans."


"Goodell said the investigation began in 2010 after allegations were made that the Saints defenders had targeted Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner and Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre during their 2009 run to the Super Bowl.

"Our security department interviewed numerous players and other individuals," Goodell said. "At the time, those interviewed denied that any such program existed and the player that made the allegation retracted his earlier assertions. As a result, the allegations could not be proven. We recently received significant and credible new information and the investigation was re-opened during the latter part of the 2011 season.”

The investigation found the program was funded primarily by players and at one time might have reached $50,000. The league also said that other defensive coaches in addition to Williams, now theSt. Louis Rams defensive coordinator, were aware of the program."


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