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New Orleans Saints Bounty Disaster: Payton, Benson, Williams Knew

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How bad is the New Orleans Saints “bounty program” disaster?

Think  big. Big as in former Saints Greg Williams,  current coach Sean Payton and owner Tom Benson.

Think possible major fines, suspensions and perhaps even firings.

 Then think possible loss of draft choices as part of the punishment from the NFL for actions by the one-Super Bowl champion Saints who are now like sinners.

Then consider trying to keep your top players such as Drew Brees,  Marcus Colston, Robert Meachem, Carl Nicks who are free agents at a time when it is not so proud to be a Saint.

According to ABC26, WGNO-TV,  

Between 22 and 27 Saints defensive players were paid as part of a "bounty program" by former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

The NFL said the money, paid mostly in a pool by Saints players, was as much as $50,000 during the 2009 playoffs. The NFL said the program violates league rules and the collective bargaining agreement.

The NFL said the program paid players $1,500 for a knockout, meaning the opposing player was not able to return, and $1,000 for a cart off, meaning the opposing player was carried off the field.

The league said it reviewed 18,000 documents and used forensics to certify their authenticity. The league said the investigation began in early 2010 after allegations that the Saints targeted Vikingsquarterback Brett Favre and Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner. Both were injured in consecutive weeks in playoff losses to the Saints.

And, late Friday, Gregg Williams admitted his involvement in the program, saying he made "a terrible mistake." 

Even worse, ABC26 reports the “shocker of shockers”:

Saints head coach Sean Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis could face fine or suspension or both. Gregg Williams will likely be suspended. It is not out of the realm of possibility that key personnel could be fired over the severity of the bounty program.

And, it is likely that the Saints will be forced to surrender several draft picks because of the bounty program.

by Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of

New Orleans Saints’s Mutiny Rule On the Bounty 

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