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Saints BountyGate, Gregg Williams, Brees Franchise Tag Dominates NFL Talk

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darren_sharper_smIt has been a busy weekend for the New Orleans Saints and its fans ever since Saints' BountyGate emerged on the national football scene.

The Saints who have emerged as one of the league's more popular teams has suddenly seen its stock fall like a lead football.

Everyone has an opinion as to what this means the the New Orleans team and the league, in general.  Moreover, taking back seat to the controversy is the team's designation of its quarterback Drew Brees with the Franchise Tag. 

 Here's a taste as to what others are saying about the Saints' "Bountygate" and Drew Brees:

Jim Miller, former Saints vice president and UNO AD --  "The Saints sure know how to knock the Drew Brees negotiations off the front page.  Expect extensive fines that will go high on the Saints ladder, possible suspensions and a certain loss of multiple draft choices.

"It is possible Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to send the message that I believe he will, look for the Saints to lose their second and third-round draft choices this year and their No. 1 in 2013.  It that happens, how would the Saints replace Carl Nicks, Marques Colston or Robert Meachem with an already tight salary cap?

"Whatever penalties are imposed, I hope Gregg Williams shares heavily in it. Imagine the furor if Williams was still with the Saints."

(Check out Miller's website: JWMiller

Mike Detillier, WWL NFL analyst  said on WWL radio (on why the Saints applied the franchise tag on him early) --  The only thing I can come up with, is that maybe they've gotten to the point of no return.  If they've done it this early, you don't feel as though you can make any progress over the next 24 hours or so.  The big question is, why has this taken a full year and has not gotten resolved? I think that is the bigger question. There are other ramifications involved here, with the three best players in their position to ever put on the Black and Gold, in Brees, Nicks and Colston. So, for everyone I've talked to in the last couple of days, this is a head-scratcher. 

(On what the penalties against the Saints will be): "We're going to lose a lot more than the Patriots lost (Spygate). This team is really turning into a flag football league. This sort of thing is a black eye to your organization, and Roger Goodell is going to try and make an examples of the Saints.  It is going to be a major penalty."

Darren Sharper (on denying that players ever intentionality to injure opponents in an interview with " “I think this is something that, from when I got in the league in 1997, has happened thousands and thousands of times over,” Sharper said about payments among players for big plays. “It’s ridiculous that someone is trying to say that we made bounties on knocking guys out, when basically all it was is that when a guy gets an interception, then he might get paid. That’s something that guys do amongst themselves.”

The NFL plans to investigate other teams Williams coached: Bills, Redskins, and Jaguars.

Greg Blanche said he discontinued the Redskins' "bounty program" when he replaced Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator..Parting thought: "The early bird gets the worm and the early dog gets the bird."...I just learned that a bird wasn't just an animal...

by Ed Staton

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