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Impact of Manning-Broncos Deal On Drew Brees And New Orleans Saints?

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peyton-manningOne down and one big one to go.
The same agent who negotiated a sweet deal for Peyton Manning now turns his sights to help Drew Brees maneuver around the current mess on the New Orleans Saints free-agency field.
Tom Condon has helped Manning, a New Orleans-product to a deal reportedly that averages $18.5 million per season but with an injury waiver.

Drew Brees and the Saints are reportedly five million dollars apart.
Regardless of Brees, it is difficult to believe that Manning is getting that type of money considering his brittle neck that kept him from playing last year.
So, how does the Manning deal square with the one that Drew Brees might win from the Saints?
Here are some opinions from around the nation:
“If the reports are accurate, that means the Saints have offered Brees less money than Manning even though Brees is younger, healthier and more prolific. After all, he's coming off a season in which he set the NFL record for passing yards in a season and led the Saints to a franchise-tying-best record of 13-3. No quarterback in the NFL has passed for more yards or touchdowns than Brees during the past six seasons.”…Jeff Duncan, Times Picayune

If Manning gets a deal worth $90 million over 5 years, than it's conceivable to think Condon will look for a similar deal for Drew Brees. Manning will get close to $20 million dollars a year with possibly $30 million guaranteed. Brees is two years younger and is healthier, so you would have to think the Saints will be pressed for more guaranteed money. Nonetheless it's a good starting point for Condon and Brees to call on the Saints once the deal with Manning is finalized in Denver. Condon's job is simply to get as much in return value for his client as possible. The players rarely get involved with the finite details and dollar amounts in contracts. I think within a week of Manning working out his deal with the Broncos, you could see a similar deal with Brees and the Saints….Kristan Garic, WWL radio

Here are some recent tweets on the subject:
aarbron Aaron Bronsteter
After the figures of Peyton Manning's deal with the Broncos were released, Drew Brees should ask the Saints for a 9 year, $500 mil. deal
11 minutes ago Reply Retweet Favorite

corryjoel Joel Corry
What's Brees worth given Manning deal? Tom Condon represents both Manning & Brees. Reported $90 mil/5 yr Saints offer is a little light now.
10 minutes ago Reply Retweet Favorite 5

blitzmagprez Malik Spann
#Manning new deal just made #Saints owner Tom Benson sick, if a injured Peyton is worth $96M how much is a healthy Drew Breesworth? #NFL
60 minutes ago Reply Retweet Favorite 4

tiffupretty Tip
Manning 95 mil, megatron 132 mil, they about to change the name of the state of louisiana to brees...he ready to get paid
13 minutes ago Reply Retweet Favorite


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