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Brad Pitt, Ellen DeGeneres Show Off New Orleans, Make It Right, Today On TV

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Ellen-showTurn your tube onto the Ellen DeGeneres show today to watch New Orleans native interview adopted-son, Brad Pitt who’s “Make It Right”, an organization that Pitt started to help rebuild homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


Take a walk with them to the 9th ward, an large swath of the city virtually destroyed by the massive storm.

Here is a segment of the interview:

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" airs on Channel 6 - WDSU at 3:00 PM.



Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and Brad Pitt walk through the lower ninth ward in New Orleans and discuss the progress of “Make It Right” airing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday, March 20th.

Brad on New Orleans and "Make it Right"…

Ellen:  Let me start from the beginning.  Lets start from when you first fell in love with New Orleans.  Where were you?  What year?

Brad: Early 90’s and it was a bit of a blur because New Orleans will do that to you.

Ellen: I don’t remember last night.

Brad: Yeah I understand. I fell in love with the place.  The people. The music. It’s in the air.  It’s something you can’t describe on camera.

- - -

Ellen: It's just got to make you feel so good that you're doing this and that everybody's saying, thank you.

Brad: I know but I'm getting far too much credit for this. This took a lot of very smart people coming in and attacking the situation. It took the families determined to come back and their resilience and they're defining what this thing was going to be. I get far too much credit for bringing some really smart people together.

- - -


 Brad on having a future architect in the family…

 Ellen: Obviously you’re an example for your children. Do you think anyone’s going to end up in design in architecture?

 Brad: I think I got one.

 Ellen:  Really?

 Brad: Yeah.

 Ellen: You’ve got to be happy about that.

 Brad: Yeah, I’m pushing them that way.

 Ellen: That’s like an athlete wanting their kid to be….

 Brad: A little bit.  When you see them drawing crayon houses. That’s a beautiful house, honey.  Jut keep pushing them..

 Ellen: What if the elevation was like this…

 Brad:  The door proportion wise was just over to the left….

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Video/transcript courtesy of Telepictures

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