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Seepage Not Related To BP Oil Spill, Pressure Test Continues

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The seep of methane does not come from the BP oil well, but officials believe it might be naturally occurring.BP said that government and company scientists were beginning to believe that the seep which had been discovered over the past days was probably occurring naturally and not a by-product of the BP oil well that has been spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Officials were concerned that the seep could be oil, gas or both escaping due to the pressure of the cap BP installed last week.  The US was considering ordering BP to remove the cap and continuing collecting and burning oil. 
In a conference call on Monday, retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen told reporters in discussing the seepage "We do not believe that is associated with this particular ... test or the Macondo well," retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen told reporters on a conference call, referring to seepage detected about 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) from the well.
Also, the US has agreed to allow BP permission to extend the pressure test on the capped well for another 24 hours after determining that the seepage is probably not related to the test on the Macondo well.

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