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Benson Punishes Rita, Union Thwarts NFL Actions Against Saints?

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 rita leblancApparently, at least one NFL official believes the NFL players association is protecting the New Orleans Saints players rather than the league or other NFL players. 

 League counsel Jeff Pash speaking to a group of Associated Press Sports Editors,  said Friday the union’s approach is "unfortunate."



"They were protective of the players who could be disciplined in the next phase of this," Pash said. "That was their focus, on defending or excusing the conduct of players involved in this program. That’s unfortunate; the players who could have been or even were injured are also members of the union.


 "It’s their players who put the safety of other players in jeopardy."


Pash expects Goodell to punish players soon.


"I do think there will be player discipline that is appropriate based on the facts," Pash said. "That’s important because it reinforces our shared accountability here. What our investigators uncovered is a serious violation of the rules and our player safety policies."


However, Players association spokesman Spokesman George Atallah is reportedly claming that the NFL have not been providing information regarding the allegations. 


Atallah said. "If the league was more forthcoming in the information they have related to what they are alleging took place, perhaps we could be in a better position to deal with this issue in a collaborative manner."


Where’s Rita?


According to Jeff Duncan of the Times Picayune, owner  Tom Benson and his grand-daughter Rita Benson LeBlanc  had somewhat of a falling out and is on paid leave of absence.   Leblanc has been groomed since 2000 to assume her grandfather’s post. 


Duncan said, “Colleagues and co-workers are quick to compliment LeBlanc for her intelligence, creativity, energy and good taste. However, they're also just as quick to note her lack of focus and abrasive management style, citing the estimated 30 assistants she's gone through in her six-year tenure. She's developed a reputation for stalling projects internally, at Benson Tower and the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Her penchant for drivers and world travel has irked colleagues and caused some to question her commitment to the job.


Some close to Benson say LeBlanc's sense of entitlement has been a source of conflict with her grandfather, a self-made billionaire from the hardscrabble 7th Ward who shuns the spotlight and still routinely clocks six-day workweeks.


Duncan also wrote, “Technically, LeBlanc's standing in the Saints' corporate tree rests just below her grandfather and above Dennis Lauscha, the team's executive vice president and chief financial officer. She's the only staffer with the owner designation other than Benson, and her bio is displayed directly behind Benson's in the team's media guide.


As the top senior management official, she oversees all business and marketing efforts in the Gulf South region. Her bio in the 2011 media guide says she "supervises the business and administrative operations of the Saints."


by Ed Staton and Bayoubuzz staff

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Is Goodell being fair to the New Orleans Saints in this bountygate matter?

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