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Thursday, 26 April 2012 16:35

New Orleans Saints NFL Draft Day A Challenge Due to Goodell, Bounty Scandal

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colstonDraft Day begins.

And, the New Orleans Saints first draft choice of 2012 goes to…what’s his name?  Sorry, never heard of him.


This is sort of the type of response we might hear as the New Orleans team’s first draft pick is not until round three, in part, courtesy of the loss of its second-round draft choice imposed upon them by Commish Goodell  after Bountygate emerged.

Not only are the number of draft choices reduced this spring but the Saints are hampered by the fact they are picking players with major holes needing to be filled, perhaps more than any other team in the league.

Use whatever metaphor you want—“hands behind their back”, “picking in the dark”,  the Saints, only two years from its historic Super Bowl win now has no clue how many defensive players will be suspended due to Bountygate or for how long or when will the suspensions occur.

One might say the Commish does not want the Saints to even field a team this year, given the extent of the punishments, the amount of information it has publically revealed or shared with the players association, who are still looking for smoking guns, or smoking cleats.

Anyway, the tweets are alive today discussing these issues…and here’s their take:


wwltvsports WWL-TV Sports

Since 2006, the #Saints have had 25 picks in Rds 3-7. 18 of those players still ply their trade in the NFL.


uyeniiee uyen

@Mark_Ingram28 gets drafted to the New Orleans Saints #ThrowbackThursday


wwltvsports WWL-TV Sports

More mid- to late-round for #Saints: Thomas Morstead (No. 164 in 2009), Jermon Bushrod (No. 125 in 2007), Zach Strief (No. 210 in 2006).


wwltvsports WWL-TV Sports

Of those 25 still in the NFL, 12 are still w/ the Saints in some capacity. I'm not sure how to handle Sean Canfield, though.

profootballtalk ProFootballTalk

Saints general manager Mickey Loomis and Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald will be on PFT Live at noon ET


Communicating Through a Crisis: When the Saints Go Marching Out

voxoptima Vox Optima

Dan Hicks: When the Saints Go Marching Out | Communicating Through a Crisis


Column: Saints bounty scandal looms on draft eve | Channel One News


channelonenews Channel One News

Column: Saints bounty scandal looms on draft eve:


dpatejr Mr Pate Jr.

Good afternoon Saints & Aints....Have a great one!!!!

23 minutes ago Reply Retweet Favorite


peytonshead Peyton's Head

Saints. Then I could listen to all of the others, too. RT @nflnetwork Which #NFLDraft war room would you want to listen in on?


admire816 Aaron Admire

@DouchyTomBrady KC will be trading their 1st round pick to the Saints in exchange for Sean Peyton's phone number incase of 0-6 season start.


shankadamus Brian Yost

#YallRememberWhen you had to wear bags on your head to saints games" >

wwltvsports WWL-TV Sports

More mid- to late-round for #Saints: Thomas Morstead (No. 164 in 2009), Jermon Bushrod (No. 125 in 2007), Zach Strief (No. 210 in 2006).



Here we are on another draft day, and the Saints won't be selecting until the third round. Pro Bowler Jimmy Graham was the Saints' third-round pick two years ago.

There's no team out there that hasn't botched a first-round pick. Here's a reminder of just how poorly things can go.

One of the Saints' of old draft picks was kicker Russell Erxleben of the U. of Texas. If you're going to take a kicker 11th over-all, you want to get more than five years out of him and zero Pro Bowls. In fact, you know what? You just don't take a kicker 11th over-all.

Erxleben was drafted as a punter and kicker, but after missing on field goal attempts said he wouldn't try field goals anymore because he couldn't take that much pressure.

In the Saints'  heated, first draft for their first season in 1967, the team's GM and head coach came to blows over a draft selection.

One of my favorite draft stories was when the Falcons played it for laughs early in their history with a phantom selection.

The Falcons drafted John Wayne from Apache U. They told newsmen this choice was "a big, strong guy who has had some success in a couple of movie roles."

NFL commissioner then was Pete Rozelle didn't see the humor in the Falcons' choice and said the next team to make a fathom draft choice would be fined and lose that selection in the draft.

The league didn't have any bounty scandals back then. It was a fun league and the former players weren't suing the league for could amount to a billion dollars.




PAYTON'S OFFSEASON: Saints coach Sean Payton seems surprisingly unaffected by the year-long suspension and loss of $5 million-plus in income.

He has been sighted on stage with Jimmy Buffet at the French Quarter Festival and played in the Zurich Classic Pro Am on Wednesday. "Free Sean Payton" T-shirts were seen at both events.

Terms  of  the suspension don't allow him to have any contact with anyone in the NFL family, but he's able to take a TV role as a studio analyst. He is considering that, and he's currently coaching his son Connor's football team.

His son is 12 and his teammates are lucky football players and will never forget this season.

 "The Giants just won a championship, yet I'm still the third most-talked about quarterback in my own city," joked Eli Manning in a panel discussion at Ole Miss last weekend. Manning said he doesn't often pay attention to what's said about him in the media, but the constant coverage of Tebowmania in the Big Apple has been hard to avoid. The Giants' two-time Super Bowl winner is hosting “Saturday Night Live" on May 5, which might win him back a few fans. "Right now, I am probably more anxious than anything just to kind of figure out what I might be doing," said Manning. "I might be doing something that is a little bit out of my character or uncomfortable. But I'm looking forward to just working hard that week and having a lot of laughs."...




An opera is being put together in Houston,  inspired by the life of legendary Oilers and Saints coach Bum Phillips.  Bum’ response to the opera was, "Don't they know I can 't sing?" No word if there would be casting  of Bud Adams in this opera, but most of the best operas have some sort of devil character...Another day, another NFL bounty. For those keeping score at home, the updated price of NFL bounties are as follows: $1,000 for knocking someone unconscious, $1,500 for knocking someone out of the game, and $1 million for knocking boots with Tim Tebow. Ashley, a web site that that matches persons  looking to creep with someone, is offering $1 million to any woman who can prove they had sex with Tebow...March of Time: Dan Marino, 51, is a spokesman for AARP...


Saints training camp opens on July 26...Former 49ers coach Bill Walsh's advice to college recruiters: "When you're recruiting a quarterback, make sure the kid is playing basketball. If the kid plays basketball, that means he's working on his footwork." Soccer is good, too....LSU coach Les Miles on quarterback Zach Mettenberger: "We need to have leadership, and a quality quarterback emerged. I really like Zach Mettenberger. He's really enjoys the pressure of being the starter. He's taken a leadership role with more maturity."...Ten best football movies ever: 1) Remember the Titans; 2) Friday Night Lights; 3) We Are Marshall; 4) Rudy: 5) Any Given Sunday; 6) The Longest Yard; 7) Rookie 8)The Blind Side; 9) Hometown Hero; and 10) Facing the Giants. Where's No.1?...

by Ed Staton and Bayoubuzz staff

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