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Perhaps the NFL should suspend Goodell for New Orleans Saints Bounty claims

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paytonMaybe Goodell should be suspended for New Orleans saints Bounty claims

As more Bounty evidence emerges, the more one must wonder what is Roger Goodell and the NFL hiding?

The Associated Press has written a stunning piece about the NFL’s using a letter from a convict to prove a bounty was on Aaron Rodgers in last year’s Saints-Packers match.

Out of nowhere in a letter to the Saints coaches, came one sentence from Mike Ornstein, a friend of the team, who was in jail, “

According to the AP: The bulk of Ornstein's note to the Saints discusses his experiences in prison and offers sometimes brash words of encouragement to various coaches, including then-Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. The last line states: "PS Gregg Williams put me down for $5000.00 on Rogers (sic)." Ornstein says now that was written "in total jest."  

That’s it.  Nothing more than one sentence in a letter from a man in jail.

Then, as the AP explains, one of the players Anthony Hargrove signed an affidavit which the

NFL claims is proof of a Bounty program but which Hargroves denies.  The affidavit does not articulate any details.

It is time for Roger Goodell to come forward with his details to prove his allegations, or perhaps he ought to be suspended this year for intentionally harming the reputations of  NFL players of which whom he claims to represent.

by Stephen Sabludowsky, J.D.

Publisher of

NFL scout Matt Williamson said the Saints have more running backs than they know what to do with, but ranks the Panthers with the best one-two punch at running back in the league. He rated the NFC South running backs for ESPN.

Williamson believes Mark Ingram has true "bell cow" running back traits. He notes that Ingram played in only 10 games during his rookie season because of turf toe, but he flashed some of his first-round ability during the games he played.

Williamson said Ingram has an excellent combination of leverage, power and vision with a fine burst through the hole.

"He can make yardage on his own and has the temperament to carry the load," judged the scout. "His knee is a concern now though."

Williamson, like just about everybody in the league, calls Darren Sproles the most dynamic player at running back in the league.

"He's pure electricity as a runner or receiver," said Williamson. "And the Saints use Sproles' talents to perfection. Drew Brees and the Saints coaching staff do a fantastic job of using personnel, formation and motion to get Sproles in advantageous situations -- either as a receiver against an inferior coverage player or as a runner against minimal defenders in the box. Sproles excels when used in such a manner.

"As you would expect with his diminutive  statute, Sproles can struggle in protection. But despite his size, Sproles hasn't missed a game in the past four years and his missed only two games in his six-year career."

Williams believes Pierre Thomas has no equal in the NFL.

He's a blend of both Ingram and Sproles bring to the table.

"Thomas is somewhat a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none," said the scout.  "Thomas would start for several teams in the league right now. He finished the season with just under 1,000 combined yards."

The scout said Chris Ivory isn't flashy or dynamic, but he runs with great conviction and power. The problem is getting Ivory the touches he deserves unless Ingram's knee remains a major problem.

On Wednesday morning, Cantor Gaming became the first shop in the  business to release point spreads for the 240 NFL games that  place from Week 1 to Week 16.

This is the fourth year Cantor has done the NFL lines and it does it because it generates so much interest and allows people who may be in Vegas to make their bets for the season if they're not coming back.

The Saints are favored in 12 of 15 of the spreads released. The Packers are 7-point favorites over the Saints in Week 4, the Broncos are 2 1/2-point favorites in Week 8 and the Giants are 2 1/2-point favorites in Week 14..

Here are the Saints' spreads:

Week 1: Saints are 9 1/2 over Redskins.
Week 2: Saints are 2 1/2 over Panthers
Week 3: Saints are 7 over Chiefs
Week 4: Packers are 7 over Saints
Week 5  Saints are 4 over Chargers
Week 6  Off Week
Week 7 Saints 4 over Bucs
Week 8: Broncos 2 1/2 over Saints
Week 9 Saints 2 1/2 over Eagles
Week 10: Saints 5 1/2 over Falcons
Week 11: Saints 3 over Raiders
Week 12: Saints 3 1/2 over 49ers
Week 13: Saints 2 1/2 over Falcons
Week 14: Giants 2 1/2 over Saints
Week 15: Saints 10 over Bucs
Week 16 Saints 1 over Cowboys
Week 17 Panthers-Saints (no line posted)

The New Orleans Saints will conduct five practices during Rookie Minicamp starting with two practices on Friday, May 11, two on Saturday, May 12 and concluding on Sunday, May 13 with one practice.

The roster of those participating is listed below and will include a mix of eligible Saints veterans (players that have not amassed an accrued NFL season), rookie draft picks, rookie free agents and veteran and rookie tryout players.

All practices are closed to the public and media. However, Assistant Head Coach Joe Vitt, Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. and Special Teams Coordinator Greg McMahon will be available to the media on Monday, May 14 at 3:00 pm in the Indoor Facility to discuss Rookie Minicamp

The Tampa Bay Bucs released former LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson on Thursday, the same day news reached the club that Jefferson was being sued by four men who claim they were injured in a fight outside a bar in Baton Rouge. Jefferson had impressed the coaches until they learned of his off-field problems...Dear Algebra, stop asking us to find your X because she's not coming back...Ravens QB Joe Flacco recently said he was the best QB in the NFL, but judging by his peers, he's No.74 on the top 100 players list for 2012...Ex Saints G Carl Nix is No. 76...

by Ed Staton

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