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No income Sean Payton, in divorce, dancing with Bahamas blonde, still high on Brees

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paytonWhat an offseason year it has been for the New Orleans Saints.

Bountygate unleashed anger against one of the country’s favorite teams;  Plus, we’ve seen suspensions, lawsuits, recriminations, Saints losing its head coach for the season; And, let us not forget the coach Sean Payton was stripped of his income due to the bounty scandal, sues his wife for divorce and then gets embarrassed as a video surfaces revealing him making nasty with a blonde as they dance away the Bahamas breeze.

 (See video below)


Oh, did we forget to mention that the other Brees, as in Drew, has walked off with a plum of a deal, a deal made in heaven (where the Saints reside, of course) that guarantees more than the rest of his top offensive teammates—combined, are receiving.   

So, while the suspended coach did not show much class dancing up a Bahamas storm, he did when Mike Tripplet of the New Orleans Times Picayune asked Payton about the contract:


“I think I said this before, it wasn’t a question of ‘if,’ it was a question of ‘when,’” Payton said. “I’m excited. I’m excited and happy for him as well as the Saints. I think it’s a good deal for both parties. I know a lot of work’s gone into it, with [General Manager Mickey Loomis] and [Brees' agent] Tom Condon.

“I kind of look at things in a glass-half-full way. It just came down to the last couple days, and I felt confident all along that both parties would be able to work something out, and I’m happy they did.”

Having Brees in camp is more important than ever before, given Payton’s absence.

“I think his stability, his leadership and all the things he brings to our team — certainly this season, but really in any season – are extremely valuable,” Payton said.

Well said.

The last thing New Orleans and their team, the Saints could well afford would be to be divorced this season from the love of their lives, Drew Brees.

Now, the city and its NFL pro football squad  can begin to put the pieces back together cast asunder this offseason as the Saints and those who worship them have been in suspended animation, awaiting the next divorce from their normal realities. 

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