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Catholic bishops gone too far with their orders

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history-world2the bishops of the american catholic church are at the vanguard of the teabag political movement, marching in lockstep with their fellow evangelical fascists who want to control every aspect of people’s personal lives. they don’t want to pay for their employees’ health care like everyone else, yet they want to mandate, by law, for everyone else how to maintain the sanctity of their sperm and ovaries. it’s called hypocrisy.

this behavior is to be expected from a bunch of withered, frustrated old men in robes. when it comes to sex, they are legless men who insist on telling others how to walk.

but now, these moralizing phonies have taken that extra step into the twilight zone. it isn’t enough that they continue the cover-up of their personal involvements in the multi-billion dollar ongoing pedophile priest scandals. now they’ve decided to poke their noses under the skirts of the girl scouts.

you heard me: in all their sacred glory and decked out in their most flamboyant finery, the bishops have decided to investigate the girl scouts for helping girls and young women grow into strong and independent women.

even though the girl scouts have repeatedly, categorically and officially denied the bishops’ pathetic, recycled complaints, the bishops press on.

but wait, there’s more: right now, a priest is on trial in philly for the attempted rape of a minor, and a monsignor on trial for the cover-up of the crime; and right now, there’s a bishop in peoria who calls president obama the second coming of… hitler.

so, what have the bishops done about these hideous un-christian acts? they turned their attacks to….nuns!

the bishops and the vatican have ordered 57,000 american nuns to “redirect their focus”.

they’ve directly ordered the nuns to focus on what the bishops are into right now, namely, womens’ wombs.

and they’ve directly ordered the nuns to become less focused on issues of war, poverty, education, health care and homosexuality.

how colossally messed up is that? and the worst part is that it’s all true. every word.

heaven help us. please.

not since the grand and glorious days of the spanish inquisition have catholic leaders been so devoid of decency. along with the ongoing revelations of their massive and coordinated pedophilia conspiracy/coverup, and their complete disconnect from the real world around them, these latest attacks on women have shown that the greatest religious brains…of the fifteenth century…continue to throb inside their ornately festooned bishopy skulls.

so let’s get to the real heart of the matter, shall we? and that is this:

these ongoing assaults on women are not only humanly repressive but economic and political, pure and simple. the bishops have failed miserably to sell their wares from the pulpit. not only does catholic church membership continue to dwindle, numerous polls have shown definitively and repeatedly that nearly 90 per cent…i repeat…90 per cent of catholics in america openly ignore the clergy’s admonitions against birth control and contraception.

since they have failed to convince, the bishops now want to coerce. they want to force, by law, their religious views to apply to everyone whether they’re catholic or not, whether they choose to or not.

they are now the embodiment of everything our founding fathers sought to protect american citizens from: the bishops and the evangelical political zealots want to be religious oppressors.

there is no war “on” religion, but there is a war, alright, and these power hungry crusty old farts and their rabid evangelical brethren are behind it.

it is a war on the constitution, on the rights of all americans to live free of religious oppression, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. and that just sounds like more fun than the bishops can bear.

their agenda is control, and their weapon is fear. somewhere along the way the love of jesus just became rhetoric to use when it suits them. they are mean-spirited in their attacks and shameless in their hypocrisy.

somewhere in the church, i know that there must be bishops who are appalled by what is going on. what i fail to understand is why we do not hear their voices raised in objection to the insanity.

personally, i think it’s time that we investigate the investigators. we should audit the churches, the bishops, the whole lot. let’s clearly define the full extent of their political activities and their sexual felony pedophile cover-ups and, when warranted, deprive them of their beloved and sacred tax exemptions; and when actionable, deprive them of their freedom via criminal prosecution.

but what i am starting to really look forward to is the butt-whipping that’s going to take place this fall. regardless of their flailing, failing distorted theological hypocrisies, the pseudo-catholic/evangelical political front is going to go down in flames on election day.

there are no undecided voters any more, folks. everyone’s already made up their minds in the polarized states of america, and the gop, led far astray by these religious fanatics, are gonna pay big for letting these genies out of the sacramental wine bottle.

all that’s left is to count the votes and determine the size of the loss that buries their politics of loathing.

the sermon has ended. go in peace.

-sid arroyo

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Sidney Arroyo

Sidney Arroyo is a progressive political activist and consultant who has worked on numerous campaigns in the New Orleans area.

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