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Crazy Birther Claims About Obama-Kenya Tie Get Booklet Support

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obama-smileThe so-called fringe group, the “birthers” have now been vindicated. It seems it is not so crazy that so many Americans believe that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii.  

Yesterday, it was revealed by that the former literary agent for Barack Obama listed his birthplace as Kenya as far back as 1991. The notation was discovered in an informational booklet that promoted the authors associated with Acton and Dystel, an agency representing authors. Back in 1991, Obama was working on his first book, but it was never finished. Years later, he did write two books and continued to be represented by Acton and Dystel. The Kenyan birth description remained in his official biography until April of 2007, two months before Obama announced his campaign for President.  

The “birthers” have been ridiculed by the mainstream media as obsessive kooks, who are not willing to accept Obama as President. These liberals, along with many in the conservative media, like to claim that “birthers” are racists who have delusional dreams of removing Obama from office. 

Yet, in recent weeks, more evidence has been released to support “birther” theories. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio revealed the results of his exhaustive investigation into the Obama birth certificate. His team of investigators, the “cold case posse” concluded that there is evidence to suspect the birth certificate and other Obama documents, such as his Selective Service registration, are fraudulent.  Arpaio noted that this new disclosure just adds to the mystery. He said “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” 

If Obama was truly born in Kenya, he is not a natural born citizen of the United States and is not qualified to hold the office of President, according to the U.S. Constitution. If it is discovered that he was born in Kenya, it is possible that all of what has been done in the last 40 months of his presidency will be voided.  

The birth certificate debate is an important one for if a fraud has been committed; the highest office in the land has been usurped by an interloper.  

Was Obama born in Kenya? He has relatives in Kenya on record claiming that he was born in that country. The 2011 release of his purported Hawaiian birth certificate does nothing to quell the controversy and only adds to the debate. Many document experts are on record testifying that the document is a fake.  

This new piece of evidence just adds to the mystery surrounding Barack Obama. No President in American history has ever been elected with such scant credentials. The media did a horrible job in vetting Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. Much of his background continues to be hidden from the American people.  

While the Washington Post was busy reporting on a hazing incident from Mitt Romney’s distant past, major portions of Obama’s high school, college, law school, legal career, and Illinois State Senate records remain off limits to the American people.   

The American people have not seen Obama’s grades or his college thesis. While his admirers claim he is brilliant, Americans have not seen any proof such as superlative report cards.  

This explosive report about his biography has already been ignored by the mainstream news media. Only a few conservative websites are even reporting the Kenyan birth claim. ABC News did contact the editor who claimed that she mistakenly included his Kenyan birth in the biography. If so, why didn’t Barack Obama correct it during the 16 year period in which it was a major part of his biography? 

It is more likely that Obama supplied the editor with the information about his Kenyan birth.  

He was either lying to make his background seem more exotic or appealing to readers or it was the truth and we have seen a massive cover-up for the past five years, the biggest such cover-up and political fraud in our history.  

Either way, it makes Obama look very bad and increase the chances that he will not receive another term from the American people.  

The American voters may make such an investigation moot by removing the President from office using the time tested method of the ballot box. These new revelations just give voters another reason to do the right thing.  

jeffcrouereby Jeff Crouere

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