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Obama Does “The View” Through Fantasy Island Prism

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jeffcrouere_150_200Today, President Obama is heading to New York for a taping of the ABC afternoon program, “The View.” This marks the first time a sitting President has appeared on a daytime television talk program.


What a historic occasion for a President who has been a regular on the late night comedy shows and “Saturday Night Live.” In fact, Obama is just visiting with old friends as he appeared on the program and Oprah’s show during the presidential campaign.


But, in making history, the President is ignoring an invitation from a prestigious group, the Boy Scouts of America. Obama is missing the group’s Jamboree marking their 100th anniversary. This event is held once every four years and is a major gathering for an organization that has positively influenced millions of American boys.


While he visits with the liberal ladies on “The View,” the President will be forgoing a chance to address 45,000 boy scouts. He is choosing old liberal hags (Elisabeth Hasselbeck excluded) over young leaders, what a shame.


The past three Presidents have addressed the Jamboree, but Obama likes to be different. Of course, this is the President who has turned NASA into a Muslim outreach program and has skipped ceremonies marking the National Day of Prayer.


While in New York, Obama will attend glitzy fundraisers designed to raise money for the struggling Democratic Party. Yet, not all Democrats are happy with his appearance on “The View.” Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendel said that “there should be a little bit of dignity to the presidency,” and even compared “The View” to “The Jerry Springer Show.”


Rendel is right on target, Obama has diminished the presidency with his antics. From his bowing to foreign leaders to his expensive parties at the White House, the American people are souring on his presidency. According to the latest Real Clear Politics polling average, support for Barack Obama has now dipped to only 45 percent.


Americans are disgusted with an administration that is targeting the State of Arizona with an ill-advised illegal immigration lawsuit and harming the State of Louisiana and the entire Gulf Coast by pursuing a punitive moratorium on deep water oil and gas drilling.


From swanky fundraisers to luxurious vacations, the President is living in the dream world of the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” except he is using our money to pursue this type of extravagance. As President, Obama has enjoyed 41 rounds of golf, multiple concerts, plays, Broadway dinner dates, and many vacations.


By appearing on “The View,” President Obama is hoping to reach the show’s mostly female television audience. However, if that is his aim, maybe he should consider a guest role on a soap opera like “Young and the Restless.” As far as Presidents go, he is young and he most certainly is restless, as evidenced by his upcoming vacation and fundraising schedule.


An even better show for Obama would be “Fantasy Island.” As he pursues his play time fantasies of living the high life, the plight of average Americans is becoming bleaker each day. If he really believes his socialist agenda of soaking taxpayers is helping Americans, he truly does belong on “Fantasy Island.”

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