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Friday, 30 July 2010 19:49

BP Oil Spill: Witt, "Scale Back Efforts" Rig Worker Fund

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Should BP “scaleback” its effort to clean up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill?  Is it time to bring back Tony Hayward?
Bob Dudley who will be replacing the former BP CEO, Hayward, might be off to somewhat of a controversial start as he has become a prominent figure in the BP oil spill saga.  

Dudley said on Friday that it's time for a "scaleback" cleaning up effort in the Gulf of Mexico.  However, Dudley stressed that the commitment is the same as ever.
According to the AP, Bob Dudley, who heads BP's oil spill recovery and will take over as CEO in October, said it's "not too soon for a scaleback" in the cleanup, and in areas where there is no oil, "you probably don't need to see people in hazmat suits on the beach."
He added, however, that there is "no pullback" in BP's commitment to clean up the spill
Hayward had been heavily criticized after making several gaffes that angered the public after the oil spill incident.  
BP, today announced that the former Clinton FEMA chief James Lee Witt will be supporting BP's Gulf restoration work.   
Also, today, BP announced that it was instituting a 100M rig worker’s fund.

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