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Watching Jindal become the world's 2nd most powerful person?

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ROMNEY-JINDAL-2012-2The Bobby Jindal watch continues.

As early as this past Sunday, newspapers across the nation started to report that Mitt Romney could pick his vice-presidential nominee this week.

So far, that has not occurred.

Nonetheless, virtually all publications that I have read over the past days and weeks have listed Jindal as either number two or three choice, with some arguing he would be the best choice and others saying Robert Portman or Tim Pawlenty are their choices.


For almost two weeks, now, every day, Bayoubuzz has been writing and publishing articles and opinions about  the Louisiana governor  because it is newsworthy and because we feel it is important that we present the Good, the Bad, the Pretty and the Ugly of the Governor who could be this nation’s vice president and arguably the world’s second most powerful person.

Here’s today’s edition:

As is the case with most of the potential Repub­lican vice pres­i­dential candi­dates, Jindal knows how to raise money. In his first successful bid for governor, Jindal raised over $13.8 million, more than doubling his total haul from his failed 2003 campaign, according to the National Institute on Money in State Politics. He repeated that success in 2011, raking in a total of over $15.2 million over a four-year period. All together, Jindal has raised over $35.4 million for three guber­na­torial campaigns.

Aside from collecting over $1.5 million from state party committees, several indus­tries stand out as Jindal’s top donors. Oil and gas contributed over $720,000 to Jindal over the course of his state­house bids, while lawyers and lobbyists chipped in over $590,000. It may come as little surprise that health profes­sionals were also a major contributor, providing over $640,000 in campaign funds, since Jindal served as a health admin­is­trator at the state and federal level for 10 years.

Louisiana's Indian-American governor Bobby Jindal has trashed Barack Obama, saying the US President was the "most liberal and incompetent president since Jimmy Carter". 

Speaking at a fund-raising lunch for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Baton Rouge, capital of Louisiana on Monday, Jindal attacked Obama for running "an increasingly desperate and negative campaign."

"We have a president who hadn't run anything before he was in the White House," Jindal said.

The governor later referred to Obama as the "most liberal and incompetent president since Jimmy Carter. No offense to Jimmy Carter," the Greater New Orleans reported.

Jindal said "Seems like every time you turn on the TV you hear another false, malicious attack. Despite the fact that independent fact checkers and the Washington Post and others have decried these attacks as false, they keep coming again and again. Why is that?"

I think Jindal’s best bet, should he be the vice-presidential candidate and this become an issue, is to say that if ever a city needed an exorcism, D.C. is it. His defenders could point out, accurately, that every Catholic baptism includes an exorcism. They could say that if the worst thing their kid ever does in college is say some unusual prayers for a troubled friend, they’ll count themselves lucky. And they could also use every occasion when a Democrat brings up this issue to talk about Obama’s conduct at a similar stage of his life. If Jindal’s adolescence and early adulthood are fair game, so is the president’s. I think that would shut up Jindal’s critics. If it doesn’t, well: Bring it on.

And thus I don’t think this episode should be considered any bar to selecting Jindal.

UPDATE: Oh, and if the Democrats want to talk about the candidates’ faith history, we can take them up on that offer too.

It also matters what Romney wants from his running mate.  If Romney wants a running mate who will help him explain premium support Medicare, and explain why Obama’s attacks are misleading, then he wants Jindal.  If Romney wants a running mate who can explain how Republican policies can lower health care premiums, increase jobs, lower energy prices, get government to work better for less money, and maintain the safety net for our elderly while avoiding huge tax increases, then Jindal is the guy.  If Romney just wants someone who will dutifully parrot the campaign-generated talking points about how Obama is for European socialism and doesn’t understand the business of business while Romney is for the entrepreneurs of free market capitalism America, then Pawlenty is the guy.  Trotting Jindal out there to say not-much-of-anything would be a waste of Jindal.  The best response to the inevitable hysteria that will follow a Jindal pick is have Jindal say something real about people’s lives.  If Romney wants to play the prevent defense until November and not say anything, then he should pick Pawlenty (or maybe Portman, but I’m just using Pawlenty as a stand-in for a safe choice.)  If Romney believes he needs someone to help him reassure the public that Romney’s policies are better, then he should get ready for the storm and pick Jindal.  If picking between Pawlenty and Jindal, the worst choice Romney can make is to pick Jindal and then send him out with a script written for Pawlenty.

Citing a need to improve the state’s fiscal management, conservative members of the Legislature are creating a “broad-based, non-partisan budget reform coalition.”

Rep. Brett Geymann, R-Lake Charles, said the coalition will consist of “like-minded legislators” who want to build legislative majorities for budget reform in the 2013 regular session.

During this year’s session, Geymann was one of the leaders of the so-called “Fiscal Hawks,” which waged war against Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration over the use of one-time monies for recurring expenses.

However, he said the coalition will reach out to the entire Legislature, not just the hawks.

Today, Governor Bobby Jindal and New Orleans Cold Storage President and CEO Mark Blanchard dedicated a new 142,000-square-foot cold storage facility at the Port of New Orleans. The $40 million project, funded by the State of Louisiana and the Port of New Orleans, will create 125 new jobs with an average salary of $50,000 plus benefits. The project will result in an estimated additional 70 indirect jobs, while the port estimates an annual economic impact of $126 million related to the cold storage facility operations.

Established in 1886, New Orleans Cold Storage and Warehousing LLC, or NOCS, is the oldest cold storage company in North America. It is one of the largest suppliers of beef, poultry and pork exports in the nation and one of the port’s two biggest customers. Among other products, NOCS handles nearly half of the poultry exported from Louisiana farmers to destinations such as Russia, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

 Governor Jindal said, “Today’s announcement is great news not only for New Orleans, but for our entire state. The new facility is a symbol of the resilience of the City of New Orleans and Louisiana. The project shows that we may have been knocked down by Hurricane Katrina, but we were committed to getting up and rebuilding better than before. New Orleans Cold Storage is a Louisiana company through and through, and even when extremely hard times hit, this company stayed true to its Louisiana roots.  Instead of packing up and moving to another state, New Orleans Cold Storage chose to stay put and rebuild their operations right here in Louisiana. Even after sustaining devastating damage after Hurricane Katrina and being recruited to rebuild in other states, New Orleans Cold Storage chose to stay and reinvest in New Orleans because of Louisiana’s strong business climate, world class workforce and manufacturing and transportation infrastructure.”

The attorney general's office will pay up to $50,000 to Gov. Bobby Jindal's former executive counsel to defend the governor's signature education revamp in court.

Amanda Larkins, spokeswoman for Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, said Tuesday the contract with lawyer Jimmy Faircloth hasn't been completed.

But she described its terms, saying Faircloth is being paid $195 an hour, with a cap of $50,000.

Larkins said the contract runs through the current budget year, which will end June 30.

I don't want Paul Ryan to be Romney's Vice Presidential pick. I also don't want Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, or Marco Rubio to be picked. It's not because Idon't like these guys, but because I do like them. It is precisely because they are good politicians,

necessary politicians, effective politicians that I don'twant them wasted as a measly VP pick. 




Is Jindal doing a good job?




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