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Louisiana US Senate Race: Vitter Says Melancon Demos Are Funding GOP Traylor

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Summary: A new battle appears to be erupting in the Louisiana US Senate election drama involving republicans David Vitter, Chet Traylor and Democrat, Charlie Melancon:


Perhaps Senator David Vitter knows that the best defense is a good offense.  
With commercials from a Republican opponent,  Chet Traylor about to be unveiled, the Senator is responding early and before reported radio and television ads hit the airwaves.  
Today, Vitter sent out an email claiming “Mud Alert”.
The email said, “We received some very disturbing, but not surprising, news last night. Newspapers and other reports have now confirmed what we suspected all along -- our Republican Primary opponent is nothing more than a tool and stalking horse for Charlie Melancon. And this Melancon led Republican Primary operation will start vicious attacks against me as early as Tuesday.
It's because Melancon is desperate to do anything he can to distract the voters from his own record of voting with Obama 84% of the time.
This isn't just guesswork or speculation. Nearly a week ago, my so-called Republican opponent was spotted meeting with two former Democrat elected officials and current trial lawyers in North Louisiana. The Democrats and trial lawyers have become his fundraising base--just like they are for Charlie Melancon.
Then, on Tuesday of this week, my so-called Republican opponent had a private dinner meeting with Wayne Elmore at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Lafayette. Who's Wayne Elmore? Just Charlie Melancon's single biggest contributor, fundraiser, and fraternity brother. He and his family have directly given Melancon over $50,000. So much that Melancon made him King of the Washington Mardi Gras Ball.
And then there's my so-called Republican opponent's top aide--formerly a confidant of both Marc Morial and Cleo Fields. And get this… Guess who this consultant's most lucrative client ever was? Buddy Leach, current head of the state Democratic Party and Melancon's most public cheerleader in the state has paid this consultant over a million dollars.
These connections are no coincidence. Please help get the word out. Vicious attacks are about to start, and Charlie Melancon is clearly behind the push. He's desperate to use his “Republican” attack dog, to try to change the dynamics of his losing campaign and to talk about anything but his own record.
I'm giving you this heads up so you can help spread the word. Please forward this email to ten friends. Tell your friends and family about Melancon’s dirty tricks. Louisianians won’t be duped.
More details to follow soon.
Thanks so much for all of your help and support.
Throughout the email, the campaign had a link to a page requesting money for its fundraising.
Bayoubuzz has not been able to reach the Melancon campaign for a response.
However, we asked Kevin Franck, the Communications Director for the Louisiana Democratic  Party for a general response since the Vitter campaign is claiming that democrats and republicans are collaborating against the US Senator.  
Franck said, “If David Vitter wants to know why so many members of his own party have turned against him, all he needs to do is look in the mirror."
Also, here is a further online inquiry to Francke:  
Bayoubuzz: “Since Sen. Vitter is implying that Melancon and the top Louisiana democrats are funding Traylor, is there a response to these charges?”
Francke: Senator Vitter is lying.
With the ads reportedly to focus upon the Vitter character issues to be released soon, one might expect that “More details to follow soon.”.

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