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New Orleans Times Picayune, We Still Love You

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My friends , at the Times Picayune,

 One of the last emails I opened last night a little after midnight was from my friend Will Percy . The two of us have been friends almost forty years , both of us grew up here, roots. We were both saddened by the news . I have done my best , I have home delivery 7 days a week . I know you are not going away but have to take on a new face . Haven't we all in our lives .

  I get up in the morning fix my coffee walk out get the paper and read it before I acknowledge the rest of the world , my cell phone or my Apple . I may not read everything in the morning . Many times  I save the feature articles  for my quiet night reading , almost as if my mental desert for the day . The public sometimes does not get the idea the TP does not manufacture the news but hopefully reports timely , critical , important  , and community relevant news and information even down to my friend reporting the social scene our culture . I cannot forget the "in the trenches" reporting of Katrina and the unyielding battle the paper assists with in saving our coast and culture . The crime rate out of control , Danziger , BP hearings and trial, and the recent series on incarceration and the Prison Industry are hallmarks of quality reporting , shaping our future . What other city or state could provide the political fodder, the Times Picayune reports on and saves us the physical smell ,good or bad, but delivers the facts and truth . Standing up for the individual even at threat from powerful people says a lot . I confess I do not read the sports section , but the front page and metro keep me who-dat-ing and a fan . 

The public in this fast pace world would not know a Pulitzer Prize unless it came in a box from as fast food outlet or from late night infomercials . The wall must be full at Howard Ave. with awards and more to come . In New Orleans some of us have grow to know you have the spirit and will for some world class talent , your writers , staff , and production and distribution .

 The most prestigious Loving Cup and heart warming Doll and Toy Fund are community commitments unparalleled by any other media outlet ,  benchmarks . The Loving Cup really measures individual dedication almost a  true love of our community .  How many children has theTP touch their lives with the joy of presents at Christmas . I know I have been there in the Dome . How many times have you touched our adult lives in times of disaster , a passing , a sadness but renewed us with joy of peace from war , the opening of new economic opportunities, the celebration of Mardi Gras , and the most important moment the Saints victory . Thanks , a good friend is there for ups and downs but most importantly gives  a strength to go forward .

 I hate to try to read anything lengthy on my computer just plan hard on the eyes and my back . I confess I usually read the in bed with the History channel on . I know the inevitable having to own an I-pad or nook book or some next gizmo . I guess , we will move on with the electronic world ,  Screen junkies . As VIC and Natly would say "you can't eat dem mud bugs or burled crabs  or clean da fish on no tv screen ".  Where is  Marshall Mcluhan when we need him ?

 To close, and dinner is ready a little after midnight, I believe we all still love you . Please, you are family and are always welcome to our homes . The bottom line is not the last line but something to tweak , not to be confused with twitter.



PS I forgot you all are going to make the radio talk show hosts have to work a hell of a lot harder.


jimmy delery

Bayoubuzz Note: Jimmy Delery is an New Orleans activist and consultant.  We have chosen to publish this letter to the Publisher in its orignal form.


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