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Jim Miller talks Asomugha, New Orleans Saints free agency, NFL draft

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jim-millerWhy are the New Orleans Saints going after Nnamdi Asomugha in free agency? What might he mean to the team should they sign him? 

After all, the NFL is not just about talent, it is largely driven by available money. The New Orleans Saints’s is in a large part limited by the salary cap which forces teams to lose All-Pro players to other teams as well as their possibly signing experienced players such as Asomugha to plug a big hole.   

Going into the free-agency, the New Orleans Saints were walking a thin salary cap line with large obligations to its star defensive players such as Will Smith and Jonathan Vilma, and due to the blockbuster contract last year with Drew Brees.  So, how has the team fared thus far in the free agency contest?  What are the draft considerations for this season? 

In a Google Hangout with Bayoubuzz publisher, Stephen Sabludowsky, Jim W. Miller, former executive Vice President of the New Orleans Saints, Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears discussed the Saints’ free-agency, salary caps NFL draft issues. 

During the interview, Miller and Sabludowsky discussed the following: 

0:20 Availability of money for the upcoming season 

1:19 Whether the system is rigged and how does it work?  

3:36 How did the San Francisco 49ers first use the system to its benefit during the early days of the cap and whether Tom Benson has changed his cap philosophy? What happened to the 49ers in playing the cap system as they did during its early years. 

5:13  Why have the Saints been so close to the cap? 

7:45 What the Saints have done with reducing salary cap obligations thus far this free-agency period with players such as Will Smith and Jon Vilma and with the major contractual obligation it has due to the Drew Brees contract 

9:57 The loss of Bushrod to the free-agency, why the Saints refused to sign him and what it might mean for the future 

12:00 Saints negotiating for Nnamdi Asomugha and what he might mean to the team if the Saints sign him 

14:38 New Orleans Saints limitations in draft due to Bountygate scandal 

15:05 Evaluating the current free-agency and future needs in the upcoming draft

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