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Toothless hounds at Louisiana Capitol biting into health, medicaid crises

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toothless-houndsWhat are our lawmakers (and our fourth estate) doing about the Louisiana medicaid and healthcare cuts impacting the state  while the rest of us are at work?

Below is a new-age commentary from the always-incisive  state political watchdog, C.B. Forgotston which he posted on his must-read



  Below is some live Twitter commentary by Capitol reporters and my color commentary, during Monday’s Joint Legislative Budget Committee to discuss Bobby Jindal’s cuts to the State Medicaid Program:

Me: Many leges complaining about not being told by Jindal about cutting the public hospitals in districts sold their souls to Jindal for committee chairs. Quit whining.

Michael Steele (WBRZ): Sen. Thompson wants a model of the Jindal Administration’s plan for medical care. Compared current status to driving car that’s being built.

Me: This hearing is complete waste of our tax $$. Leges don’t have the guts to do anything, but whine.

Melinda Deslatte (Associated Press): Rainwater says Jindal administration does have a plan, involving new models for health

Me: DUH! Rainwater’s incompetent.

Deslatte: Rainwater says governor has no plans to call a special session to deal with the cuts.

Me: Without special session leges have zero power. If leges are serious their only alternative is to call selves into session.

Deslatte: Sen. Sherri Buffington says she’s afraid she’s going to leave health care cut hearing with no details to allay fears or concerns.

Me: She got her per diem. She could have stayed home and sent an email if she wanted info. She got a free lunch via a lobbyist.

Deslatte: Cerise says scenarios for cuts due to LSU System pres by end of tomorrow. Board members don’t want hospital closures.

Me: Isn’t that like death by strangulation as opposed to death by a throat cutting? End result is same.

Deslatte: Cerise says LSU board asked for plans that could increase revenue and cut scenarios without hospital closures.

Me: What’s the point? LSU BOS is just rubber stamp for Jindal. Public officials in LA are just serfs in the Kingdom of Jindal.

Steele: Sen. Thompson: It almost seems like there is a lackadaisical approach to cuts given the economic situation.

Me: This hearing reminds me of a bunch of old, toothless, hound dogs trying to figure out how to eat a bone.

Steele: Sen. Mills says many of us are only one tragedy away from needing services provided by LSU Health System, wants answers on outpatient care

Me: Fred’s concerns would be meaningful had he been willing to buck Jindal. Just another toothless, hound dog baying at the moon.

Deslatte: DHH Secretary Bruce Greenstein now up to detail the $523M in cuts.

Me: Does anyone really expect Greenstein to reveal the truth? He’s still waiting for $$ from Tooth Fairy.

Deslatte: Rainwater says governor has no plans to call a special session to deal with the cuts

Me: Without special session have zero power. If leges are serious their only alternative is to call selves into session.

Me: Leges really don’t give a damn about budget cuts. They are just grandstanding.
Me: Meeting on Medicaid cuts ends as predicted. Zero accomplished. Complete waste of tax dollars to bitch about not having enough $$

Deslatte: DHH Secretary Greenstein says he’ll communicate further details to lawmakers “as soon as we have something worth conveying.”

Me: Translation: Greenstein says “trust me.”

The above is what you missed while you were working hard to making a living to pay the leges to engage in such a waste of time at the Capitol.





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