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Obama, Romney in the business of "you did not build that" speeches

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romney-obama-small“He’s a socialist.  He’s a communist. He’s un-American.”  Those are the words I have been heard describe President Obama, now, for years.

Those epitaphs now take on special meaning since his recent speech, which I call, “You didn’t build that dream”.

Unquestionably, Barack Obama is one of the top African American orators.


Surely, some of his speeches have been compared to Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream”.

Not that one.

“That” speech flubbed, not because of what he was trying to say, but what he did say.

The speech actually could be called, “I made a flub”.  In fact, a big flub.  A flub which some have taken advantage for political purposes while others who have not heard the entire speech claim they know exactly what he said.

I do not subscribe to the anti-Obama argument that the President said that if you own a business, you did not build that business.

I believe, after watching the video on numerous occasions, he clearly was referring to roads and bridges.  That explanation fits in with the entirety of his speech that every one of us have had help from one person or another and that our successes, to a degree, has been built upon the efforts and toil we have made collectively.

However, even if his opponents are deliberately twisting his words and taking him out of context, one can argue that he reaped what he has sown.

There is no mystery that he has scared away much of the business vote because of his past associations, policies and his rhetoric.

Yet, he should win or lose based upon that and not based upon one misplaced word which actually meant something totally different than what he is being accused to have said.   

Mitt Romney certainly can distinguish himself from Obama in philosophy and business.  Their backgrounds, experiences and outlooks on life and politics are poles apart.

Yet, every so often, their roads and even their words do meet.

Watch the video below at the very bottom of this page.  Tell us what you think?




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