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Major coalition launched to aid Louisiana with Affordable Care Act deployment

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reitz-photoThe Affordable Care Act, despite the acrimony generated by the passing of the legislation is law.



The next major step is deployment of the insurance exchanges using the Internet to purchase insurance policies.

While there are rules yet to be promulgated by the federal government what is clear is the insurance industry is undergoing a radical change in which it will be doing business which is fraught with both challenges and opportunities.

On Tuesday, in New Orleans, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana introduce the launching of the Louisiana Healthcare Education Coalition which is designed to help educate the public about the insurance industry marketplace process in which individuals, small and large businesses will be utilizing technologies to access information and coverage.

Healthcare, community, business, trade and faith-based organizations from the New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport areas are gathering throughout the state this week for the official launch of the Louisiana Healthcare Education Coalition.  Launch events are taking place on March 26 in New Orleans, March 27 in Baton Rouge, and March 28 in Shreveport (visit www.lhec.net for event details).

“The Louisiana Healthcare Education Coalition was formed to help people better navigate healthcare reform and the health insurance marketplace,” said Mike Reitz, president and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana. “As a civic organization committed to providing unbiased healthcare and wellness information, the coalition also aims to educate on the major drivers of healthcare costs, the critical importance of personal wellness and the need for access to quality healthcare.”

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is responsible for the most sweeping changes to our nation’s healthcare system in nearly 50 years.  The Louisiana Healthcare Education Coalition helps Louisianians navigate healthcare reform and the health insurance marketplace, which will open for enrollment in October 2013 with coverage to begin in 2014. 

The coalition is composed of individuals, groups and institutions interested in helping Louisianians to fully understand these changes and what it means for their future.

“Joining the Louisiana Healthcare Education Coalition directly aligns with our mission and commitment of working to improve the political, economic and social environment in which the foodservice industry conducts business,” said Stan Harris, president, Louisiana Restaurant Association. “With the healthcare landscape changing, we want to ensure we continue to serve as an indispensable resource to our more than 7,000 members, especially when it comes to a topic as critical as healthcare.”

The Louisiana Healthcare Education Coalition is helping Louisianians make the best healthcare decisions they can for themselves and their families while addressing key issues such as:

• navigation of the new healthcare system,

• the major drivers of healthcare costs,

• the critical importance of personal wellness,

• and the need for system transformation to increase quality while reducing cost.

The global marketplace of insurance is rapidly and dramatically changing but there are enormous business opportunities available.  Today, we are presenting the first of a series of videos Bayoubuzz shot at the New Orleans meeting to help explain the importance of the coalition and the impact of the Affordable Care Act upon our lives.

Video 1 Intro: (At bottom of this article)

President and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, Mike Reitz gives an overview of the coalition and the President and CEO of the Louisiana Restaurant Association Stan Harris discusses why the coalition is important to a major organization such as the Louisiana Restaurant Association and to its members.  


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