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Edwin Edwards sticks Jindal while Nikki Haley gives him VP support

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louisiana-politics While Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal appears to have at least one powerful supporter for the upcoming choice by presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, another once-very influential and colorful politician, former Governor Edwin Edwards has other thoughts about the current man holding his job at the state capitol.

According to, Edwards, speaking at an engagement on Wednesday “ also chided current Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Republican, and other state politicians for using non-recurring revenues to plug holes in the state budget. Edwards said he would push a $5-per-barrel tax on oil production to help cover the state deficit.”

Jindal over the past ten years since coming upon the Louisiana political scene has taken broad shots at the former Governor for his liberal views and policies.  Edwards held gubernatorial reigns for four terms.  

Jindal, who has been on the national speaking tour during an election season while holding court as the Louisiana legislature finished up matters of government business including an onerous suffocating budget problem has been pushing somewhat unfamiliar foes as of late.  Jindal, Democrats, moderates and liberals support the use of one time money to preserve the government services, while not calling for increased taxes.

Jindal has often publically stated that he has balanced the budget without raising taxes and has received praise throughout the nation from conservative commentators and politicians for that and other stances.

On a more national scene, the South Carolina's most powerful lawmaker, Gov. Nikki Haley says her preference for Mitt Romney's running mate is Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal or former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

According to the Charlestown Observer, “Haley told her Facebook followers during a live chat Wednesday afternoon that whomever Romney chooses for a vice presidential candidate would be part of a dream team. But she wrote her personal preference is Rice or Jindal, the nation's first Indian-American governor.

Haley, an early supporter of Romney’s and a Tea Party favorite is also of Indian descent.


 Who would be a better VP choice--Jindal or Rice?  Talk about this below.  Simply login to Facebook or register online and start your comments.

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