Thursday, 19 August 2010 17:32

Thad Allen Issues Conditions For Replacing BOP On BP Deepwater Horizon Well

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WASHINGTON - Today, National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen issued a directive to BP providing authorization to replace the BOP on the Deepwater Horizon/Macondo 252 well, including the specific conditions required for the replacement to take place. If conditions are satisfied, this action will occur before Admiral Allen provides final authorization to complete the relief well and bottom kill.

Allen,  has sent a letter to BP Group executive Bob Dudley approving the procedure to permanently plug the well that has spewed oil into the Gulf Of Mexico but outlining conditions to be met.

In the letter to Dudley, Allen said that based on meeting with the Government Scientific Technical Team on Wednesday, he was authorizing the company to "proceed with the course of action to replace [the] BOP."

Allen said the procedure will likely begin "some time the week after Labor Day".

But Allen did set conditions on swapping the temporary cap with a much stronger one including "preserve the forensic and evidentiary value" of the BOP.

Various civil suits have been filed against BP and the federal government has also announced a criminal probe into the incident.

The directive can be viewed here.

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