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Vitt dances around New Orleans Saints-Drew Brees contract?

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spag-vitt2Add Coach Joe Vitt to the rolls of those Saints off the field who are saying Drew Brees will be on the field this year and yes, for the New Orleans Saints.

This month, Saint owner Tom Benson and Mickey Loomis, both stated the Brees contract will be done.

Today, Joe Vitt, currently, the head coach on the field until his suspension for bountygate begins, echoed those same sentiments.

However, based upon Vitt’s comments, one would have to question whether the contract will please Brees or whether he will go through the motions with the Saints but not with his heart or passion.

 Or perhaps with dancing shoes.

Vitt, in response to a question about why he is confident that Brees will return said, ““What else is he going to do? He can’t sing or dance.”

Perhaps.  Then, six years ago most in the NFL felt he would not play pro football again after suffering a major shoulder injury while playing for the San Diego Chargers.   


Tomorrow is June 1st, fans are continually asking about Drew Brees. Is your level of concern rising? 

“I’m still confident. I had a great conversation with Drew the other day. We were talking about training camp. I had some questions and I knew that he wanted to do some certain things at training camp. I feel confident. He’ll be here.” 

What gives you that confidence? 

“What else is he going to do? He can’t sing or dance. Listen, again. I don’t think that anyone thought this was going to be easy. We talked about the lockout last year; well they’re going to come back here. They are going to come back there. No, I think that everyone knew that it was going to go until the 23rd hour and that everything was going to be settled. Again, there are a lot of pieces here that Mickey’s (Loomis) got to get fit in, with the cap and getting people signed and so on and so forth and it’s all going to fit into the future and this is going to get done. It’s going to get done when Drew and Mickey know what is best for our football team and we can move forward.”


With Chase Daniel is there some element to he’s providing out there?


“Chase is doing what he does best. The thing about Chase is that he has been under Drew for three years. He knows this offense. He knows his nuances. He understands the tempo. He really understands the checks and the sights. Chase is going out there and just being Chase and he is giving his teammates great confidence in him because he is knowing where to deliver the ball. He’s understanding now ball location. Hey listen, we’re not asking anyone to be Drew Brees. Chase is being Chase.” 

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