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Louisiana Elections: Vitter Melancon, Cao, Richmond, Landry, Downer And The Tea Party

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Summary:  The expert opinions of two of the most familiar Louisiana political pundits concerning Saturday's  election involving David Vitter, Charlie Melancon, Hunt Downer, Jeff Landry, the US Senate race, Joseph Cao, Cedric Richmond  Jeff Landry and their respective elections.

Did anything worth noting happen Saturday that impacts the Louisiana political landscape, the US government political power slugfest and even the future direction of the Obama administration? 

For those who spent the most recent rendition of a “Louisiana election day” chasing the kids, escaping the bad weather, absorbing and reflecting the Katrina Anniversary Part 5 and you failed to vote, here’s all you need to know about what is being called the Louisiana elections exhibition season or "round one".

For those who actually voted or have a smathering of an interest in the state of Louisina elections, here's the crash course on what happened Saturday in Louisiana and what does it mean.  At the keyboards were two experts pollster and analyst, Bernie Pinsonat of SMOR--short for Southern Media & Opinion Research and local Louisiana Jeff Crouere--short for political "go-to opinion guy" for various newspapers, TV, radio and other media.

Here’s what how they responded when I emailed this question:

By Bernie Pinsonat

Saturday’s election results confirmed once again why republican are now dominating elections across Louisiana. Republicans made up forty-seven percent of all voters who voted in the US Senate party primary Saturday. Of the 207,289 votes cast Saturday, 97,238 were republicans, which represent 47% of all votes.

The turnout stats are not available yet – when they are available you can bet the farm that half will be fifty and older voters. Who are these voters – Tea Party type voters! They are now dominating elections across Louisiana, especially when it comes to federal elections. Just ask Hunt Downer – poor Hunt does not fit the tea party profile.

Hunt was well known for all the wrong reasons. New comer Jeff Landry fit the profile and ran the perfect campaign to easily run ahead of Downer. Senator David Vitter is the profile of what the majority of Louisiana voters are looking for in this election cycle. They believe that Vitter will not sell out Louisiana voters for a pork project or bail out money or because the presidents needs his vote.

The vast majority of Louisiana voters are not looking for bi-partnership in Washington DC. They are looking for people who will oppose this president’s agenda day in and day out, 12 and 24 – just that simple! Ps – add Harry Reed and Nancy Pelosi to this list. Louisiana has more tea party type voters per 1000 voters than any other state.

By Jeff Crouere

The low turnout shows that the electorate was very disinterested in the election. The bad weather, anemic campaign spending and start of a new school year were some of the factors that contributed to the low turnout.

There were few surprises as most of the favorites won big: David Vitter, Charlie Melancon and Cedric Richmond—in the New Orleans region.

The only surprise was in the 3rd district where Jeff Landry almost won outright against Hunt Downer in the GOP primary. Landry will be the strong favorite in the run-off and Downer will have to fight back against Landry if he wants to make the run-off competitive. In the race, Landry was on the attack against Downer and questioned his military service and his political record.

I expect a turnout of 20 percent in October and a turnout of no more than 30 percent in November. This bodes well for Republicans and gives Joseph Cao a chance to hold on to his congressional seat.

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