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Louisiana US Senate Race TV Debate Call Gets Political by Vitter, Melancon

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Democratic Congressman, Charlie Melancon, wants the voting public to know that it’s time for public debates for the Louisiana United States Senate race.

In a press release email today, the Melancon Campaign said, “Rep. Charlie Melancon, candidate for the US Senate, today called for a series of five live, televised town hall-style debates before the November 2nd election in a letter to David Vitter and the ten other Senate candidates.

The press release said, “People are tired of gridlock and partisanship in Washington, and they deserve to know what the candidates for US Senate will do to put Louisiana first again," said Melancon.  "That's why I'm challenging Senator Vitter to a series of five live, televised, town hall-style debates.  We need to allow real people to ask us real, unscreened questions and force us to defend and explain our positions, our actions, and our records.  We're running for Senate-we should answer to as many voters as possible before Election Day."

Both Melancon and Vitter won their two respective primaries on Saturday, both by landslides.  Vitter received 88 percent of the vote against two republican rivals.  Only Republicans could vote in the party’s primary election.  Melancon received 77% of the democrat vote.  Both democrats and independents were able to cast a vote.

Vitter is currently leading in all polls released generally by 10 and 23 percent margins.  Melancon and the National Democratic Senatorial Committee disagree and have contended that Melancon has pulled up “dead-even” with the republican.

A statement from Luke Bolar, spokesman for David Vitter for U.S. Senate in response to Charlie Melancon’s conference call, said:

“Charlie Melancon's new appreciation for open public forums is a welcome change.  It's quite different than when he hid from them during the Obamacare debate while Senator Vitter held 24 health care town halls all around the state - just some of the 200 plus town halls he’s held as Louisiana’s senator.  In terms of five campaign debates, we actually accepted our fifth invitation today from the Red River Tea Party, the largest tea party group in north Louisiana, which is as grass roots and open as you can get.”

In an email response a Bayoubuzz query, on Tuesday evening, the Bolar said, “Our office has not received any letter from them.”




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