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Louisiana Labor Politics With Labor Day Hotdogs In Air

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steve_sabludowsky01As we enter into the long Labor Day weekend, "politics and hotdogs are in the Louisiana air". 

So, you can serve this with a little mustard


Louisiana Lt. Gov. Race

Jay Dardenne is the biggest winner so far in the Lt. Governor race in terms of money in the bank, but the Democrats hope to pick up the speed, if not the cash.  Butch Gautreaux has started an ad push, that is, "pushing" BP to fund a fifty million marketing campaign as his lead commercial.  Meanwhile, Caroline Fayard from the New Orleans area is getting her own push--courtesy of former President, a top fundraiser, Bill Clinton in New York, tonight.

US Senate

David Vitter enters September with his own big push with lots of money, a good lead according to some recent polls and Obama behind him.  After having captured a big republican vote in its own primary last week, the question is, can he possibly mistep?

That is what Charlie Melancon is trying to figure out.  He is hammering home the "debate" issue, asking Sen. Vitter why won't debate? 

So far, the US Senator is not biting, but, somewhere along the line, he must at least face the cameras--even if it is on his own terms. 


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