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New Orleans Saints Vilma blasts NFL’s Ledgergate over Bountygate

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gregg-williamsAre the claims that appear to be leaking out of the NFL legitimate as it relates to the Saints bounty scheme?

There can be little doubt that the NFL, which refused to provide the NFLPA or to the media evidence of the alleged Saints' bounty system, leaked to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports information regarding a ledger supposedly maintained by the Saints during the 2009 season.

However, according to the AP, “Another person with access to Saints records also told the AP of the existence of documents listing payments made for "cart-offs" and "whacks." But the person was not aware of any document that identified a bounty placed on an opponent.

"There was no such thing as a bounty where anyone put up money to hurt another player," said the person, who spoke to AP on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing and related litigation is pending.

"There were stupid names for legitimate plays," the person said, referring to the use of the terms "cart-offs" and "whacks." The person said the payments listed "are for big, clean plays," and that plays which were penalized usually resulted in fines.

NFL Players Association spokesman George Atallah says the union has not seen the ledger or any other evidence of player involvement in a "pay-to-injure" program, including the ledger.

"This supposed coach's ledger, if it does exist, only proves that a fair due process was not afforded to the players," Atallah told The Associated Press. "They were punished before they had the opportunity to review any of the supposed evidence against them."

While the NFL is staying mum, others are not:


Here are some recent tweets from  Jonathan Vilma

 Jonathan Vilma


Oh and the correction to the correction was wrong too! Are u serious?? Ledger-gate? Let’s look at the Carolina game

jonvilma51 Jonathan Vilma

I've been asking the nfl for evidence for 2mos and got nothin but somehow a ledger gets "leaked"...and the leak was wrong! lol I love it

So, the NFL got its first leak wrong, requiring another leak to fix the first leak. Cole initially reported that the ledger reveals that three $1,000 payments were made as a result of the Saints' September 2009 game against the Bills.  After Pro Football Talk pointed out that four Bills were injured during that game and that three play defense, Cole's report was revised to replace the game against the Bills with the Nov. 8, 2009 game against the Panthers. And only one player left that game because of injury: linebacker Thomas Davis...

Drew Brees

Drew Brees took offense about the jokes Joe Vitt told the media about him on Thursday.

The Saints interim head coach said the quarterback can't sing or dance (so he'll to play quarterback for the Saints this season).

Vitt's words made their way to Brees and he crafted a response to Vitt on Twitter that makes you think Brees might have a future on American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.

"On the contrary Joe Vitt, you have obviously never have seen me karaoke! As for dancing, @LanceMoore ain't got nothing on me."

The Saints players don't care much about Brees' singing or dancing, they just want him signed and participating in  OTAs.

When Brees will show up remains a mystery.

SOME HITHER, others yon: It's talked that the Saints have the best group of linebackers since the famed Dome Patrol, arguably the best set of linebackers in the NFL's history. Defensive coordinator Steve Spagunolo said he has seven or eight linebackers who could start for most NFL teams. Curtis Loftin is working at middle linebacker with the first team and David Hawthorne and incumbent Scott Shanlee have been working as the outside linebackers.

After them, the Saints have Chris Chamberlain, Nate Bussey and Jonathan Cassillas. Even if Jon Vilma misses the season because of his suspension, the Saints have plenty of depth at linebacker...Spagunolo has his defensive backs focusing on more interceptions this season. That's a great idea because the Saints had only nine last season...

We all are amazed why NFL players go broke. Jack Bechta, an agent for two decades, lists why they go broke in "One reason it's gross vs. net." writes Bechta. "It never fails, when my clients get their first NFL check they call me and say something's wrong. They are floored by how much is taken out for taxes and other deductions. Unfortunately, the shock doesn't resonate long enough, I would say 90 per cent of players have some type of direct deposit or their check gets mailed to their investment adviser and players never see the net amount. Thus, they think they always are making more money (in gross numbers) than they actually are...."

SOME HITHER, others yon: In honor of Friday's start to Hurricane Season, one nof my favorite jokes: What does a hurricane and every NASCAR divorce have ion common? Somebody's going to lose a trailer...Can you believe the Dolphins are going to be the featured team on HBO's "Hard Knocks" this summer? This might be the biggest NFL TV blunder since the Heidi Game and the biggest over-all blunder since Shelley Long left "Cheers." Even with Reggie Bush back from Las Vegas for "Hard Knocks." three things I'd rather watch on TV other than the Dolphins on "Hard Knocks": 1) WNBA draft 2) PBS documentary on Al Gore 3) The Pirates-Brewers replay...

Hard to believe Terrell Owens has now been cut by a team in the Indoor Football League. Next career stop for T.O. (Truly Obscure): Casino greeter or sports talk radio host...Vanderbilt coach James Franklin told a radio station that he won't hire an assistant coach unless the coach has a "DI" (hot) wife. This stance is almost as pathetic as Vandy's annual recruiting class..

Cantor Gaming of Las Vegas has released its 2012 NFL season win totals for all 32 teams.

As usual, Cantor has the Saints' over-under 10 games. Let's take a look the complete rundown. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section:

Green Bay Packers; 12 (Over: -125, Under -105)
New England Patriots: 12 (Over - 120, Under: -110)
Houston Texans: 10 (Over: -140, Under +110)
Philadelphia Eagles: 10 (Over: -135, Under: +105)
New Orleans Saints: 10 (Over: -125; Under: -105)
Pittsburgh Steelers: 10 (Over -125, Under: -105)
Baltimore Ravens: 10 (Over: -110, Under -120)
San Francisco 49ers: 10 (Over: +105, Under -135)

Denver Broncos: 9.5 (Over: -110. Under: -135)
New York Giants: 9.5 (Over: -110, Under: -120)
Detroit Lions: 9.5 (Over: +105, Under: -135)
San Diego Chargers: 9 (Over: -130, Under: even)
Atlanta Falcons: 9 (Over: +135, Under: -135)
Chicago Bears: 8.5 (Over: -135, Under: +105)
Dallas Cowboys: 8.5 (over: -125, Under: -105)
New York Jets: 8.5 (Over: -115, Under: -115)
Kansas City Chiefs: 8 (Over: -120, Under: -110)
Cincinnati Bengals: 7.5 (Over: -130, Under: even)
Carolina Panthers: 7.5 (Over: -115, Under: -115)
Miami Dolphins: 7.5 (Over: -110, Under: -120)
Tennessee Titans: 7 (Over -130, Under: even)
Buffalo Bills:7 (Over: -110, Under: -120)
Seattle Seahawks: 7 (Over: -110, Under: -120)
Oakland Raiders: 7 (Over: -120, Under: -120)
Arizona Cardinals: 7 (Over: -119\0, Under: -120)
Washington Redskins: 6.5 (Over: even, Under: -130)
St. Louis Rams: 6 (Over: -110, Under:P -120)
Tampa Bay Bucs: 6 (Over: -110, Under: -110)
Minnesota Vikings: 6 (Over: even. Under: -130)
Cleveland Browns: 5.5 (Over: even, Under: -130)
Indianapolis Colts: 5.5 (Over: +105. Under: -135)
J'ville Jaguars: 5.5 (Over: +105, Under: -135)

Does the ledger as we know it justify the suspensions?  Talk about it below by loging in above.

by Ed Staton

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