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Jindal ethics extoled, exorcism debated, Louisiana job denounced

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Jindal-airJindal, as in Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal or possible GOP vice president candidate Bobby Jindal continues to become a house-hold word as his reputation as well as his own words penetrates the media and the minds of Americans.

As he campaigns for presumptive Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, newspapers throughout Louisiana are publishing more and more op-eds about his absence while the state deals with severe healthcare cutbacks. 



Now that his brush with an exorcism during his youth becomes known, pundits are debating whether it will hurt his chances being on the same ticket with Mormon Mitt Romney.

As he presents his view of the world, more media are favorably comparing Jindal’s state’s record on the economy and ethics vis-à-vis that of Florida and elsewhere.

As the campaign season closes in upon D-Day for Romney’s choosing a running mate, here are excerpts from various online publications for this latest segment of  “The good, the bad, the pretty and the ugly” of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

Key Integrity Florida Recommendation:Florida should adopt the more detailed financial disclosure form used by Louisiana. The clearest way to see where Florida needs to go to improve financial disclosure is to compare the 2011 financial disclosures of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Florida Gov. Rick Scott.  

According to the Center for Public Integrity(CPI), Florida earned a D grade, ranking 26th in the U.S. for financial disclosure in 2009. Louisiana ranked No. 1 on CPI's disclosure ranking, up from 44th in 2006.  Jindal worked with his state legislature in 2008 to pass new ethics laws that moved their state from the bottom to the top of the list. 

Louisiana Economic Development, the state's counterpart toEnterprise Florida and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, touts ethics reform on its website

Jindal said he set out to "completely transform the ethics laws in (his) state to encourage increased business investment and job creation".  

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Louisiana has maintained a lower unemployment rate than Florida every month from January 2008 through June 2012.

Lanny Keller, an editorial writer for the Baton Rogue Advocate, points out that scrutiny of the incident by the national media will be a new experience for Jindal, who, he says, “has had really a very soft time in Louisiana in terms of negative press.” (Keller, for his part, has publicly written about his disagreements with Jindal’s policies.)

Jindal’s reputation in Louisiana, Keller adds, is of someone who cares and thinks about religion. “He has always had a lively personal interest in theology,” Keller remarks, noting that evangelical friends have told him that Jindal comes off as “very knowledgeable” when discussing theological matters. “In other words, in light of his past career, was this article as oddball as it sounds? Not really.”

It is likely that, no matter how the experience ultimately plays, there will be a media firestorm about it initially if Jindal becomes Romney’s running mate. But Corallo, while conceding that the “secular Left” might assume “they could make an issue of it,” doubts Jindal would be hurt by scrutiny of the matter.

“I don’t think the average American is going to think twice about it,” he says. “They’re going to look at a guy who has been one of the best, if not the best, governor[s] Louisiana has had in the modern era.”

Worse, you and Louisiana Gov. Piyush Amrit Jindal are too much alike. It seems as if you are “brothers from a different mother,” as the young people say. He can’t do anything but cut state services, fire good state agency heads for speaking out, close hospitals, and build up massive patronage. Seems a lot like your days at Bain Capital and as Governor of Massachusetts.

To put it bluntly, Bobby Jindal is a strange little man, a “Bizarro World Kingfish.” He doesn’t communicate well outside of the Bayou State. Can he even drive a car? He sure seems to be driving Louisiana into a deep ditch. Sure, let Jindal campaign for you all over the country, let him raise money, but play like you don’t know him once your VP is announced. In other words, use him like he uses Louisiana, and then dump him.

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s busy itinerary this week will have him away from Louisiana-- as usual. While Louisiana burns and LSU shuts down much of Lallie Kemp hospital, the governor is away fiddling for the vice presidency.

The cutbacks to Lallie Kemp’s services that focus on infectious diseases, cardiology, oncology, gynecology, opthalmology and podiatry are especially hard. So many of our uninsured people suffer from diabetes, cancer, HIV and AIDS. Why must Lallie Kemp and W.O. Moss hospitals take the brunt of the cuts? Where is the plan for delivering health care for the uninsured?

The governor is out of state nearly every day tending to presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s business but not to his own state’s business. He comes home to cut a ribbon and announce a business is opening, but he is not here to tell citizens why Louisiana is cutting jobs, closing hospitals and making it tougher to get an education and essential health care. It’s obvious he cares more about his future in politics than the current state of Louisiana.

 "People like Paul Ryan and people like Bobby Jindal are still in consideration because they are people who will rev up the conservative base. I've been on [Ohio Senator Rob] Portman for nine months, but you keep hearing Bobby Jindal and even now a little bit more Paul Ryan in the last few days than I've heard for six months."

JINDAL: Bobby Jindal was sounding very veep with some red meat, NBC’s Jamie Novogrod reported. “It was ‘Hope and Change’ four years ago,” Jindal said, referring to Obama’s 2008 campaign.  “Now it’s ‘Divide and Blame.’  Everything is somebody else’s fault.”




Is Jindal doing a good job?




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