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Glen Beck’s Boston Marathon claim against Obama, he better have proof

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glen-beckI am not a Glen Beck fan.



In fact, I feel he is a nut-job.  I put him into the same category as Donald Trump.  Both are sensationalists who never own up to their false promotions, claims or threats.

Behold, Glen Beck, who was once a rising-star on cable news, until fired by Fox News, has reached either the height or the depth of his now infamous conspiracy claims.  He is claiming he has proof the federal government carried out the Boston Marathon bombing as others describe as "a false flag operation". 

Moreover and speicfically he is directly threatening the President of the United States.  No, not with physical harm.  But, he is claiming that Obama has till Monday to admit his complicity or his show, "The Blaze", will reveal the evidence. 

Well, he has finally gotten my attention.  My first thought is, ok, if he has evidence of such a nature how should I judge it?  Putting my legal hat on, I ask, should I judge it by strict clear and convincing, or by more probable than not, or by reasonable probability?

 Or, should I give him credit should he raise mere raise suspicion which I would hope others join in with the investigations?

Personally, I believe the standard I will impose upon him must be beyond curiosity and suspicion and even beyond reasonable probability but falls into the more probable than not realm.  After all, he is threatening the United States most basic institution and is essentially accusing our elected leader and our federal goverrnment of engaging in one of the vilest crime imaginable. 

So, should Glen Beck under my own self-imposed standard of proof, satisfy me that it is more probable than not that the President committed what I would consider to be acts of treason against his own nation, I will continue to listen and to watch.  Ultimately, should he be proven correct, I will consider him to be an American hero. 

But, should Glenn Beck NOT do so, worse, should he not even come close, I personally will hope that his fervent audience would finally consider him to be a dangerous fraud who should be ignored and discounted forevermore. 

Honestly, I doubt that will ever occur. 


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