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Louisiana: Fred Dent, Public Belt, Jobs Bill, Dardenne and Tea Party, DHH New Media

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Louisiana Government and Politics

Fred Dent

Baton Rouge and Louisiana mourns over the death of Fred Dent who was ahead of Tax Busters, served as commissioner of state financial institutions from 1987 to 1991 and was involved in the Baton Rouge business, cultural and political community.  He is survived by survived by his wife, Elizabeth; three children, Catherine, Charlie and Fred; and his stepdaughter, Judi Arnold Doerle.  From the Bayoubuzz team, we wish the Dent family and friends well and share your loss. 

Senate Jobs Bill

The United States Senate today voted to end debate on the Small Business Job Creation package after months of wrangling.   that stalled support to America’s more than 27 million small businesses.  Senators George Voinovich, R-Ohio, and George LeMieux, R-Fla.,  joined Senate Democrats in the 61-37 vote to end the debate. Advocates claim the bill if past would create 500,000 new jobs,  enable access to capital and employment and help small business businesses.   This fully paid-for bill would increase access to capital, encourage investment, promote entrepreneurship, and promote small business fairness.  

Dardenne and the Tea Party

Taken from Jay Dardenne’s campaign press:
Secretary of State Jay Dardenne spoke to a large crowd at the Northshore Tea Party rally this past Saturday at the Fleur De Lis Center in Mandeville. Dardenne’s speech called on the event’s conservative activists to never forget that fateful day and work to protect the freedoms we hold dear. Dardenne praised the Tea Party as the ‘antidote to apathy’.

Both Dardenne’s remarks and campaign for Lt. Governor were met with tremendous support at the Tea Party rally. “He's been an outstanding Secretary of State and an outstanding representative for our state in any office he's ever held,” said Tea Party activist Penny Ellis. More to the point, Tea Party activist Robert Gilburn said simply; “I agree with his message.” Other Dardenne supporters were seen waiving Dardenne bumper stickers and picking up yard signs at the event.

“In his speech, Jay Dardenne discussed his record of ethics reform, fighting slush funds and working to repeal taxes such as the Death Tax and the Gift Tax.  His message was warmly received by tea party activists who find those qualities to be very attractive in a candidate for the state’s second highest office”, said Jeff Crouere, conservative talk radio host and organizer of Sept. 11th Tea Party rally.

Public Belt

Mayor Mitch Landrieu released the following statement upon receiving the resignation of Jim Bridger from the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad:

“Mr. Bridger made the right decision by resigning as General Manager of the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad (NOPB).

“I have been extremely troubled by what I have learned from the Legislative Auditor’s report on the operations and management of the Public Belt Railroad.  Mr. Bridger acted recklessly and inappropriately in disregarding the public’s trust and best interest.  

“Particularly disturbing is the use of public assets including the rail cars for personal and private use; the personal use of public credit cards, vehicles, and fuel cards; purchases that violated public bid laws; professional service procurement practices that violate the City Charter; and the inappropriate use of public emails and computer systems.

“In our first months in office, we have worked tirelessly to regain the public’s trust by reforming New Orleans city government. I look forward to working with new management and leadership to reform this public agency.”

DHH New Media Initiative

– Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary Bruce Greenstein announced today the launch of the Department’s new media initiative, which allows Louisianians to access important health information, news and emergency updates directly through a variety of new media strategies.

“New media is a very powerful form of communication, and I am confident that this effort will positively transform the way the Department interacts with Louisiana residents,” Secretary Greenstein said. “By allowing us to expand our reach and participate in two-way communication, we will be able to better serve the people of Louisiana.”

Today is Greenstein’s second day as Secretary, and the new media strategy is a key part of his directive since being appointed to the role by Gov. Bobby Jindal to be more transparent and improve service to the citizens of Louisiana. The strategy includes blogs, as well as postings on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The blogs, which can be found at www.myhealthla.org, will feature posts by Secretary Greenstein and Rudy Macklin, the executive director of the Louisiana Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness. The Secretary will use his blog (BruceonHealth.com) to share important public health information to help keep Louisiana families safe and healthy. He will also be writing about the latest news from the agency and sharing some of his personal journey to a healthier life. Macklin’s blog (LivingWellWithRudy.com) will provide tips and information on getting and staying healthy, as well as the stories of the people he works with from every part of the state to build a healthier Louisiana.

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