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Port Of New Orleans Is Anything But Dead

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Is New Orleans and the Port of New Orleans Dead Forever?  In a recent article, Business Insider, New Orleans has been listed as one of the ten cities which are "Dead Forever". The article cites the "decline in the importance of the Port Of New Orleans and claims the port decline is one of the reasons New Orleans "dead forever". 

Bayoubuzz asked Gary LaGrange, President and CEO of the Port of New Orleans to respond to the Business Insider's view of the port.

Here is LaGrange's response: 

New Orleans and especially its Port are anything but dead. The Port of New Orleans is at the center of the world’s busiest port complex – Louisiana’s Lower Mississippi River and is one of the most diversified ports in the world. The Port handles break-bulk, containerized, project and London Metals Exchange cargo, as well as people (cruise) and a robust industrial tenant portfolio.

The Port is the nation’s top port of entry for natural rubber, coffee, LME metals and steel. We are the top exporter of poultry products and the fastest-growing cruise port in the nation. According to a Martin Associates study, the Port is responsible for about 160,500 jobs in Louisiana, $17 billion in spending, $37 billion in national economic output and $2.8 billion in annual federal tax revenue.

We not only serve New Orleans and Louisiana, but America’s heartland.

We are investing hundreds of millions of dollars into modern facilities to serve all types of cargo, which will create thousands of new, high-paying jobs for the region. In the last decade, the Port has survived and thrived despite two oil spills, Hurricane Katrina and federal tariffs placed on steel, its top commodity. If anything, the Port and the people of New Orleans are resilient, proud and hard-working and we will be better than ever.

I believe the City and the Port are poised for world-class growth and development and anyone who says anything to the contrary needs to get their head out of their computer and come and see for themselves.


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