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Louisiana Politics: Vitter, Melancon, Stimulus and Elections, Jindal, Lt.Governor Race

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stephen sabludowsky Governor Bobby Jindal is on the campaign grind again today, but this time he will be hitting the stump for republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott at campaign rallies in Pensacola, Orlando and Jacksonville. The Governor will also attend fundraisers in both Pensacola and St. Petersburg in support of Rick Scott's campaign.

Earlier this week, Jindal was the featured guest at a fundraiser for the Minnesota Republican Party and the republican candidate for Governor of that state.  Jindal continues to support the republican gubernatorial candidates of other states, however, he so far has not endorsed any of the republican candidates who are running for federal office in Louisiana.


The U.S. Senate Race

The Charlie Melancon campaign for U.S, Senate is criticizing Davis Vitter for not approving the televised debates.  So far, only one debate has been approved by Vitter although there have been forums and debates in which Senator Vitter has participated.  Melancon wants five televised debates.  On Thursday night, the Red River tea party held a non-televised debate at the Riverview Hall in Shreveport.  Congressman Melancon did not attend the event.  The Louisiana republicans and the Vitter campaign have been criticizing Melancon for not attending the tea party event claiming the democrat was “ducking” the event.   So far, during the early existence of the Tea Party, the organizations have sided with the republican candidates.

Recent tweets:


“ I voted for the bipartisan Small Business Jobs Act – But today, Vitter didn’t think it was even important enough to show up to vote!”
about 16 hours ago


“Thanks to the Red River TeaParty for hosting their debate tonight.I enjoyed visiting with everyone and participating”
about 12 hours ago

Tax Issues
This week, the extension of the Bush tax decreases were the subject in most of the federal elections for this year and certainly dominated much of the political discourse this week between Vitter and Melancon.  Here are two blog posts on this issue and the US. Senate elections.  One is from a conservative blog 

Why Is Melancon Louisiana Democrats Using "Rich" Tax Issue Against GOP David Vitter?

and the other from the "progressive" side of the fence  

Louisiana Democrats Taunt David Vitter On Tax Cuts For Rich


November elections assistance?

Stimulus Package Success?  The White House released this email today

“Vice President Joe Biden today released a new report, “100 Recovery Act Projects that are Changing America.”  The report highlights some of the most innovative and effective Recovery Act projects across the country that are not only putting people back to work now, but helping transform our economy for years to come.  The report can be viewed in full HERE.

“With Recovery Act projects like these, we’re starting to turn the page on a decade of failed economic policies and rebuild our economy on a new foundation that creates good middle class jobs for American families,” said Vice President Biden.  “And we’re not engineering this transformation alone – Recovery Act projects like these are drawing billions in private capital off the sidelines to help recharge our economy.”

From wind turbine production in Muncie, Indiana to construction of a new commerce route in Appalachian Ohio, about 3 million Americans are on the job nationwide on Recovery Act projects like the ones in the Vice President’s report.  Together, they are conducting cutting edge research, rebuilding our nation’s roads and bridges, growing small businesses, re-opening and re-inventing factories – and changing the American economy to make us stronger and more competitive as a nation. “

Rigs Moving Gulf?

John Maginnis, in his Louisiana Politics Weekly, is reporting that seven more drilling rigs in the Gulf have been contracted to move and that as many as 1,000 direct jobs could be lost.  Prior to Congress’s August break the moratorium became a US Senate campaign issue.  Both Vitter and Melancon accused one another of obstructing moving on stopping the moratorium.

Lt. Governor’s race

So far, that area of combat has been relatively mild.  Democrat Carolyn Fayard and Republican Jay Dardenne have launched TV ads.

Lt. Governor candidate, Butch Gautreaux is applauding the current acting Lt. Governor, Scott Angelle by stating that Angelle has “echoed candidate for Lieutenant Governor Butch Gautreaux's call for a BP-sponsored marketing and promotional fund to repair damage to Louisiana tourism and seafood industries from BP's oil spill off of Louisiana's Coast.”

“I'm very pleased to see the current Lieutenant Governor recognize the acute reputational damage BP's actions have caused to our State's vital industries. I have been calling on BP to spend at least as much money repairing our image as they have been spending to repair their own for weeks now, so it encouraging to see the Lieutenant Governor take this step.”

Gautreaux made these statements in a recent email press release.

Kevin Davis, the President of St. Tammany Parish has picked up the endorsement of State Rep. Greg Cromer.  Cromer represents part of St. Tammany.

2nd Congressional District Election
On Thursday, September 17, both Congressman Melancon and Senator Mary Landrieu announced that they had secured key commitments from the U.S. Navy to help protect thousands of jobs at Avondale shipyard in greater New Orleans.  Landrieu said she had written a letter to the Navy Secretary, Ray Mabus, urging him to assist with Avondale.  In the September 16 press release by Landrieu and Melancon, the Congressman said in the release, “Senator Landrieu and I have been working to relay the concerns of Avondale’s workers to the Secretary of the Navy, and I am pleased we are making some progress.”   The press release also said, “Yesterday, Congressman Melancon met with representatives of the workers at Avondale to discuss strategies for saving the shipyard jobs after Northrop Grumman departs.”

Today, Congressman  Joseph Cao, who is running for re-election for the 2nd Congressional District  sent out a press release that said in part, “Today, Congressman Anh "Joseph" Cao (LA-02) announced a major breakthrough in efforts to keep Avondale Shipyard up and running beyond 2013, when Northrop Grumman has said it will cease operations there.   

Rep. Cao issued the following statement regarding the future of the shipyard:

"I spoke with Navy Secretary Ray Mabus today about steps to keep jobs at Avondale.  Secretary Mabus said he took me very seriously when I said that I wanted the Navy to do what it could to save jobs at Avondale.  He told me that it was because of my requests on behalf of the workers at Avondale that he, as he put it, “reached far into his bag of tricks” to help us keep jobs at Avondale.”

by Stephen Sabludowsky, publisher of


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