Tuesday, 21 September 2010 19:09

Louisiana Political Emails Fly Over Melancon, Vitter, Cao and Richmond

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steve_sabludowsky01As the election season nears, the press releases from the various campaigns are flying into my incoming mail box with furious speed and zeal.

As always, the candidates and their backers are trying to put the best spins forward.

Yesterday, I wrote about the Charlie Melancon campaign sending out an internal poll that showed that he was ten points behind David Vitter.  The campaign seemed to be admitting in the email that the poll does not reflect the best news for Melancon, but also seemed to be saying the election is not over and Melancon can win.


The major republican senatorial committee ridiculed the poll claiming that the Melancon campaign previously boasted of an internal poll in July which said Melancon and Vitter were even.

Later in the day, I received the results of another poll from the Vitter campaign conducted by Magellan Strategies that once again had Vitter 18 points ahead with the incumbent running circles around his opposition in the white community.  

But the political emails didn't end then. Today, I received an email from the Louisiana Democratic Party reporting that another publication has published a story concerning an ethics complaint against David Vitter in relationship to the Furer incident.  In the email, Democratic Party communications director, Kevin Franck said, “All of the allegations relate to Vitter's professional relationship with Brent Furer, a former top aide who was arrested in January 2008 for assaulting his then girlfriend with a knife, but remained on Vitter's staff and working on women's issues until June of this year when he resigned.”

The organization is the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW).  Here is the article from TPM.

CREW seems to have Vitter within its crosshairs as it has filed other ethics complaints against the Louisiana Senator that so far appears to have gone nowhere.  Prior to the last Louisiana US Senate election, it also  filed a complaint against democrat Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu which hit a dead end.

CREW touts itself as being non-partisan in its condemnations.

This year, it posted its most "Crooked Candidates" list.  In total, there are two independents, eight republicans and three democrats on the list.

CREW's Crooked Candidates 2010

However, in a pitch for donations, CREW slammed other politicians such as republican John Ensign and democrat Charlie Rangel and said that the organization holds both republicans and democrats accountable and acts on a non-partisan basis. 

Another race, yet another email.   This one was about the Cao vs. Cedric Richmond election for the Louisiana 2nd Congressional seat.  In the email missive, the national democratic senatorial committee forwarded an article that in part said, State Rep. Cedric Richmond (D) has a 10-point lead over Rep. Joseph Cao (R) in one of the Democrats' best pick up opportunities of the cycle, according to Richmond's internal campaign polling.

The polling, leaked to Hotline On Call, shows Richmond leading Cao 45% to 35%. Democrats note that Cao's 35% is one of the lowest re-elect numbers they have seen for an incumbent this cycle.

Of course, the survey results should be viewed skeptically because they are from a Democratic polling firm. They suggest, however, that Cao still faces a tough slog in a New Orleans district that gave Pres. Obama 75% in '08. The Richmond campaign also recently received a boost from Obama, who endorsed him last week. “

However, despite the President's endorsement, some pundits believe the race might get closer as closer as the Jefferson Parish Sheriff, Newell Normand has just recently endorsed Cao and has a strong force of followers who could help Cao.

So, it appears that a minute does not go by without more political news and spin.

But, with national and local elections around the corner, I might as well face it.  The emails hitting the inbox will only multiply as it is Louisiana politics and elections season that we are currently in.

by Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of Bayoubuzz.com


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