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How long will Bounty anger last as Brees, New Orleans Saints kickoff with Cardinals

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saints-seahawks1As the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees ready for the Arizona Cardinals in the Hall of Fame game, they will be facing a new opponent—bounty anger. 

Fans and teams across the nation will use the bountygate scandal to motivate the team to defeat New Orleans. 

Then, on the other side of the ball, the Saints also are angry.  The NFL suspended Sean Payton, Jonathan Vilma, Mickey Loomis, Joe Vitt and penalized the Saints with a large cash bounty penalty. 



The Los Angeles Times reported that “Quarterback Drew Brees spoke to two reporters Thursday long after his teammates left the practice field. He said he's bothered that the Saints, once the darlings of the league, are seen by a significant slice of NFL fans as a collection of low-character thugs.

"More than anything, that's not what we are, and it's not what we stand for," Brees said. "So the negative perception does hurt us, because that's not the way we conduct ourselves. That's not the environment and the culture we've created here." 

So, the New Orleans Saints are angry that they have been both wrongfully accused and wrongfully made an example. 

Many pundits have expressed that the anger “us against the world” mentality will help propel them to victories. 

In their Super Bowl year, it seemed obvious that part of the emotions of the team that help them game after game was their sorry history in NFL existence and not ever going to a NFL Championship game and certainly not the Super Bowl.   

But, can the same type of emotion instill the necessary charge and adrenaline, play after play, game after game. 

At some point in time during the season, that sense of purpose will be spent.  Then, their destiny will be guided by their own skills and abilities on the gridiron. 

They certainly might display that chip on the shoulder against the Cardinals, who also are upset at New Orleans for knocking their quarterback Kurt Warner out of the game and career the last time they met, in the playoffs. 

As far as the Saints go, while it would be nice to beat the Cards in Canton, it would be nicer if they reserved some of that pent up frustration for the real season, given the chaotic musical chairs for their coaching staff this year), in which they could use all supporting help that could be harnessed.

by Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of   

New Orleans Saints Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers Joe Vitt

Media Availability

Thursday, August 02, 2012


Is there any update on Jabari Greer?

“We sent him to Philadelphia to Dr. (William) Meyers yesterday.  He has a groin injury.  He’s going to get some surgery today.  We’ve been through the procedure before.  Really, we’re looking potentially, he’s going to start working some during the Texans week, and he’ll definitely be ready for the regular season.  Some guys are quicker than others.  That’s where he is.”


That injury has happened a lot here and you guys have been quick to get the players back on the field.

“I think our training staff does a great job with that.  We’ve had great success with Dr. Meyers in Philadelphia.  We’ve had a number of our players go through the procedure and have come back really full speed, and would really come back quicker if it was a non-surgical procedure.”


Do you ever envision what the moment will be like when Drew Brees eventually gets to Canton?

“I’m on the back-nine of my career right now and I can see the clubhouse, and at 57 I’m not buying a lot of bananas.  He’s got a lot of playing time ahead of him.  He has a lot of completions and a lot of touchdowns yet to throw.  It’ll be special and it will be emotional.”


Do you find during the time of installment of defenses that you’re doing a lot more teaching?

“There’s no question.  There was a premium put on teaching in the spring, and really we’ve kind of extended one period of our training camp for another teaching period.  We have a teach-pass period, we have a teach-run period, and when you’re installing a new defense, the teaching aspect of it is critical.  I learned this a long time ago from Chuck Knox, our players are going to be smart enough to learn if we’re good enough to teach them.  These periods are critical for us.”


Do you find that it’s harder without the second practice to teach?

“We’ve adapted.  This is the second year we’ve gone through this process, although this is the first year of this new defense.  Actually, we’re getting more meeting time.  We’ve got meeting time in the afternoon, then we’ve got meeting time in the p.m. also.  It’s worked out well so far.”


Are you asking your players to wear those pads that they’re going to have to wear during the regular season?

“Yeah, so far we’re working our way into that.  There’s been no response yet.  That’s the world we live in and we’re going to try to adhere to it.”


This weekend there will be replacement officials there, and if this thing keeps going then they will be there for the regular season.  Do you have any thoughts on that?

“My thoughts are that we’re going to play the hand we’re dealt.  Over the years that we’ve been here, we’re the sixth least penalized team in the National Football League.  We feel like we have a great rapport with the league officials and we have great respect for them and their body of work.  It’s not easy what they do.  We will treat these officials with the same respect that we’ve treated other officials with.  It does no good to argue and complain and disrespect them.  It’s not going to get a call turned back.  We have to worry about our job, play hard, play fast and that’s what we’ll do.  That’s been our protocol here.”


Are you going to look at this Sunday’s game like a scrimmage?

“I don’t want to say that.  I want to say that it’s on the same schedule as our scrimmage would be.  This is a little different now because it’s a nationally televised game and it’s against another team, but thus far the install and the prep would have been the same as the Black and Gold scrimmage as far as those installs go.  Are we treating it like a scrimmage?  Absolutely not, but it’s the same install, it’s the same time to report for training camp that we did before.  We didn’t bring in any of our guys earlier.  It’s a long season.”


Is that the difference with having five preseason games instead of four preseason games?

“I’m telling you what Sean (Payton) thinks about this too, I think anytime you have a chance to take your football team to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and go through the Hall and see those who have played before you and the great players that played before you, and now go back and see the display that they have for our world championship, and I think you have to take full advantage of that.  Now to go play against a quality football team on national TV will give us a pretty good indicator of where we are.”


Can you talk about how many reps your players will be taking?

“We will discuss that tonight as we always do.  The Thursday before a Sunday game or the Wednesday before a Saturday game, we’ll discuss play time tonight.”


Will that fifth extra preseason game enter into your thinking?

“It’s going to enter into it some.  We’ll discuss that tonight.”


The league apparently has announced that the Redskins and Bills have been cleared of any wrongdoing.  When you see things like that and what happened with the Giants after the playoffs, do you feel like the Saints have been unfairly singled out in this thing?

“Well, what I think right now isn’t going to have any outcome on what takes place right now.  I think we’re going through this process.  I haven’t seen the article.  I believe what you say, but my mind is in a football mode right now and I’m going to kind of stick with that thing.  I know that (Jonathan) Vilma’s case right now and the case that we testified against is in the judge’s hands and we’ll see where this process takes us.”


Did Nick Toon get nicked up today?

He’s got a little bit of a foot injury that he suffered in practice.  We took him into an evaluation and we’ll find out about that now.”

 Gregg Williams

Will Gregg Williams ever return to the NFL? NFL commish Roger Goodell said on Wednesday in a conversation with that "our staff has talked to him a couple of times. He wants to be helpful in making sure people understand that bounties aren't part of football and that's not what he's about. He is going to be active in doing that this season." Williams, who was hired as the Rams defensive coordinator before being suspended, has expressed his desire to return to the league. Goodell's response has been that he will evaluate the situation down the line...

LSU's Ten beast players from 1969-Present: 1) Tommy Casanova, S, 1969-71; 2) Glen Dorsey, DT, 2004-07; 3) Kevin Faulk, RB, 1995-98; 4) Bert Jones, QB, 1970-72; 5) Josh Reed, WR, 1999-70; 6) Marcus Spears, DE, 2001-04; 7) Corey Webster, CB, 2001-04; 8) LaRon Landry, S, 2001-03; 9) Alan Faneca, OL, 1995-97; 10) Warren Capone, LB, 1971-73...Another list: Ten Richest Colleges: 1) Harvard; 2) Yale; 3) Texas; 4) Princeton; 5) Stanford; 6) MIT; 7) Michigan; 8) Columbia; 9) Northwestern: 10) Texas A&M..Princeton has the highest tuition among the group at $54,780 while Texas was 10th at $9,816...


College football joke of the day:What happens when Nick Saban takes Viagra? He gets taller...Names of the week: Orleans Darkwa, Tulane RB, and Ego Ferguson, LSU DT...

Olympics champ Michael Phelps has his Baltimore condo on the market for $1.42 million...College joke of the day: Did you hear what happened to the Arkansas fan when he found out that 90 per cent of all car accidents occur within five miles of home? He moved. There's a new T-shirt in Arkansas that reads" "Bobby Petrnio Motocycle Club."...Name of the week: Philander Moore, one of those Ole Miss RBs...

LSU has produced two first-round cornerbacks in the NFL draft the past two years in Peterson and Mo Claiborne.

Anthony Davis forgot his jersey and missed the first half, but scored nine points on 4-of-5 shooting in a 156-73 USA Men's Basketball team blowout victory over Nigeria on Thursday in the Olympics at London. There were plenty of good laughs at Davis' expense for showing up without a jersey. He didn't get many lob passes in this game because the USA team was sinking three-pointers at will. Davis, the Hornets' top draft pick, is the odds-on favorite to be the NBA Rookie of the Year this season...

Penn State transfer QB Rob Bolden worked out with LSU on Thursday, threw good and wobbly passes, got a Tigers playbook and  wasn't allowed to talk to the media. Other Tigers off limits to the media are Tyrann Mathieu (Honey Badger) and backup QBs Stephen Rivers and Jerrand Randall...Coach Les Miles on the Tigers being voted preseason No. 1 in the USA TODAY/Coaches poll: "We're thankful. We recognize we have to earn the spot. There's a lot of games to be played between now and being the actual No. 1." Miles could have let one of his off-limits-to-the-media  players make that PR-type comment...Young players seldom come up with quotable sayings that are worth using...

March of Time: Former LSU All-American Billy Cannon turned 75 on Thursday...'We regret to inform you that Derek Jeter will miss the rest of the season with sexual reassignment surgery. He said he would come back stronger than ever in 2013 as Minnie Mantiez." The New York Yankees' Facebook page was hacked on Thursday and the hacker left a rather hilarious message, Several other MLB teams were hacked the same day...

Some hither, others yon: LSU has landed another top of the Class of 2013 cornerback. Rashard Robinson, a top athlete who had scholarship offers from major powers such as Florida State, Miami, Oklahoma and Arkansas, committed to play for LSU on Tuesday. The Blanche Ely High (Pompano Beach, Fla.) product became the 22nd commitment in LSU's 2013 class, which is currently in the top 15 of all hauls nationally.

Robinson attends the same high school as former Tigers All-American cornerback and current Cardinal Patrick Peterson. The 6-2, 161-pounder was recruited by Les Miles to be a cornerback. where he will put his 4.4 speed and 35-inch vertical jump to good use against some of the high-powered SEC passing attacks.


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