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Saints Fan: 49ers Game Treatment "Most Frightening Experience"

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Bayoubuzz has received this letter describing a New Orleans Saints fan’s perspective of their visit to Candlestick Park in the game against the San Franciso 49ers.  The writer describes the 49er treatment of them (she and her husband) and other Saint fans as “the most frightening experience”.

Assuming the truth of the facts stated in the letter, one must wonder if Super Bowl champs normally get this kind of treatment when they play in the opposing team’s stadium?


Or, are the New Orleans Saints’s fans being targeted for some particular reason?  Or is it and will it be a unique experience?

Here is the letter from the fan:

We just had the most frightening experience Monday night. My husband and I went to San Francisco for the weekend and the game on Monday night. The city was lovely and ready for tourists. Lots to see and do. On Sunday night there was a Saints pep rally at the "R" Bar in town, where we must have seen 75 or 80 Saints fans from New Orleans.

But Monday night!  From the moment our shuttle driver dropped off our party of 10 the harassment started. Walking across the parking lot, there was a lot of verbal junk and trash talking, not how we act here but not anything we wouldn't expect. I passed a 4 or 5 year old who was all but cursing at us, yelling and waving his arms; weird.

When we got into the stadium it became more violent and physical. A guy jumped up on the chair in front of me and raised his arms looking at me and bellowing out "Here we go Niners." A guy behind us would beat on the empty chair next to my husband shouting the chant; vibrating the whole row of seats. A young girl in front of us had beer spit out on her, people were spit on, yelled at, charged upon and generally intimidated. We saw 6 or 7 fights break out and not all of them included Saints fans.

I heard about a line at the port-a-let with several Saints fans in line and a SF fan got at the front of the line saying Saints fans had to wait, he deserved the front of the line. There was an elderly couple at the front with she coming out and he waiting for her. When she stepped out the SF fan stepped on her foot (accident?) and she fell down. We heard the husband clocked him.

And as we were leaving we had to cross the entire parking lot and if California is so worried about their air and water, Niner's fans are pigs. We saw garbage, broken bottles, dirty diapers, used charcoal, chairs, grills, food, coolers, everyone's refuse, just left in the parking lot, everywhere. All I can say is it's a good thing we won. I have no idea how we would have gotten out if some of the steam hadn't been let out of them with the loss.

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